Vivo Launches X9s and X9s Plus Smartphones With Dual Front Facing Cameras

Vivo Launches X9s and X9s Plus Smartphones With Dual Front Facing Cameras
Vivo Launches X9s and X9s Plus Smartphones With Dual Front Facing Cameras

In this era of dual primary cameras, Vivo X9s and X9s Plus emerge as two solid smartphones with dual secondary cameras.

It’s not uncommon these days for flagship smartphones to come with dual-camera setups on their back. It’s a hot trend right now. However, when a smartphone comes with such a setup on front, it really becomes a differentiator as that smartphone becomes the perfect tool to satisfy the needs of selfie lovers. There’re not too many options in the market with such setups – only 10 smartphones exist in the market with front-facing dual camera setups right now. In contrast, there’s no shortage of rear-facing dual camera smartphones. So in such a situation, Vivo’s latest X9s and X9s Plus smartphones launched today with front-facing dual cameras are much needed additions to the market.

The smartphones are successors to company’s already available X9 and X9 Plus smartphones, both of which also come with front-facing dual cameras. And while there’re no major differences between all four of them, the X9s and X9s Plus launched today are slightly less expensive than their predecessors and come with latest Android 7.1.1. Nougat operating system. Let’s see what both these devices have to offer:

Vivo X9s

This smartphone will come with a 5.5-inch Full-HD display, 4GB of RAM, Octa-Core Snapdragon 652 processor and a 3,320 mAh battery. The device has got 64GB of internal storage, and for that generous (or not so generous, depending on your requirements) capacity the company didn’t bother to include an external SD card slot in it.

Vivo X9s Plus

While X9s Plus has got the same RAM and internal storage as that of its younger sibling, it’s different from X9s in some other departments. The first and most visible major difference is a slightly bigger 5.8-inch Full-HD display, and the second one is a more powerful 4,015 mAh battery.  The processor is also slightly different – company has used Snapdragon 653 in this device instead of its 652, but that doesn’t mean a lot of difference in performance because 653 is just a minor upgraded version of 652.

Other features common among both devices include 4G VoLTE support, fingerprint sensor (located in Home button), Bluetooth 4.2, GPS and soft LED flash. The devices will be available in Matte Black, Rose Gold and Golden color options from July 8 (X9s Plus) and July 14 (X9s), but there’s no information on when both of them will be made available outside China.


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