Visibility bug on Vanguard ruins most games

While many bugs are already disturbing the daily lives of Vanguard players, visibility problems have been added, making the game completely unplayable.

Since the launch of Vanguard, a number of frustrating bugs have disturbed the daily lives of gamers.

While most of them are bearable and can even make you laugh at times, others are so devastating that they can only ruin the game at hand.

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Vanguard players have been paying the price over the last few days with multiple visual issues that prevent them from seeing anything, a terrible way to start the year.

Visual bugs ruin Vanguard

Grudge begins to rise on the web as more and more players share their misadventures on Vanguard in the face of these visibility problems.

One of the last posts in question illustrates just how complicated it can be to deal with smoke-based visual effects. “When you turn around, all the effects of the previously thrown Incendiary Grenade re-ignite”, said the player.

As the bug revives the visual effect of grenades, it’s difficult to do anything through the fog. “It doesn’t matter if you cast them or not, it doesn’t go away, when we respawn everything also respawns at the same time… Apart from sitting there is no way to counter it”, said one player.

Other players have sought to corroborate his testimony, making it clear that the bug cannot be countered due to its recurrence. “I see the old smoke and the fire go away… and then NEW grenades are thrown, repeating the process.”, some players said.

The developers have not yet commented on this problem, but given the number of complaints one can imagine that a fix should be deployed in the coming weeks.


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