Viral Warzone Clip Reignites Aim Assist Debate

With controller aim assist dividing the Warzone community more than ever, a viral clip of a player being shot suspiciously has added fuel to the fire.

Since day one, the aim assist available to players who use controllers has been a hot topic. There are countless complaints from players frustrated by this aiming aid, which they consider unfair, sometimes comparing it to an aimbot.

It usually only takes one clip for the debate to resume on the web, dividing the players around this hot topic. Lately it’s the clip of a Warzone player, titled “So is aim assist for shooting through obstacles on consoles a bug or a feature?” who set fire to the powder.

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Aim assist is once again the talk of the town in Warzone

Annoyed, a player decided to share his misadventure of the day on Reddit through a clip where we can see him die in a rather dubious way.

Indeed in the clip, the opponent seems to follow the player’s movements through the walls, always knowing exactly where he is. This made the player wonder about aim assist.

As always, this clip has divided the community between those who don’t see where the problem is, and those who think it brings a significant boost.

However, in this specific case, players have also suggested that he could be a cheat, while some have pointed out that he may simply have a good sense of direction and good audio settings.

For the time being, the developers have not mentioned any upcoming changes to aim assist and although the debate is still raging, it seems unlikely that they will tackle it soon given the current situation. current state of battle royale.


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