Vikings: Top 9 intrigues abandoned by the medieval series!

As the Vikings spin-off approaches, take a look back at the series’ 9 plots that were suddenly abandoned!

It’s a successful series that never ceases to be talked about. And good news, fans of Vikings will soon discover the spin-off of the series. In the meantime, we unveil 9 plots that were abandoned by the medieval series ! MCE TV therefore reveals everything from A to Z!

Abandoned intrigues

The end of Vikings will be forever etched in history. If it surprised many viewers, know that the plot could have been much more impressive. But the producers have made the decision to abandon some of them.

Yes, you can hear well! The members of the prod decided to switch to the trap certain intrigues with enormous potentiale. This is the reason why MCE TV decided to look into the subject. We reveal below a top 9 of the 9 plots that were abandoned by the medieval series.

Let’s start right away with the mysterious identity of Harbard. It was in the third season that this wanderer made his appearance in the series. This man had a crazy charm that made more than one fall. He maintained an affair with Aslaug thThere aren’t many other women in Kattegat.

He also proved he had a gift when he magically makes Ivar’s pain go away. Only here at the end of the series, Harbard has disappeared. He left Kattegat, without giving any explanations.

Another abandoned plot in Vikings, the disappearance of Thorunn. After his injury in a fight as Sheildmaiden alongside Bjorn, she also left Kattegat. But the fans thought they would find her… In vain!

She never gave any news again. It was a shocking experience for all those who thought that his story was not over yet.

Vikings: Top 9 intrigues abandoned by the medieval series!
Vikings: Top 9 intrigues abandoned by the medieval series!

Vikings: elements that disappoint fans

If there is one element that left viewers in the dark, it is the death of Siggy, the daughter of Bjorn and Thorunn. The fans hoped to see her alive, to see her evolve and become the next generation of Lagertha.

But she was killed when she was a child. And unfortunately, few characters cared. His death was barely mentioned and didn’t seem to affect his father.

Also in this top 9, Elsewith’s pregnancy which has taken a back seat. But also the role of Rollo who was one of the greatest characters of the first seasons. Even if he had a happy ending, in France with his little family, his fans expected a little more from him.

Another plot abandoned by Vikings, the future of the clairvoyant of Kattegat. He was very important in the first seasons of the series, then he was suddenly murdered. Fans were hoping to see a new psychic take his place, but it never happened.

Sigurd’s fate is also forgotten in Vikings. Indeed, even before he was born, his mother predicted that he would be born with the form of the dragon that his father slain in his eye. Thing that happened. So inevitably, the fans thought Sigurd would have a special fate.

But that was not the case. Ivar ultimately killed the young man.