Vikings: Top 10 best quotes from Rollo in the series!

The Screenrant site has just unveiled the 10 best quotes from Rollo (Clive Standen) in the Vikings series.

Rollo is one of the most iconic characters in the series Vikings. Known for his barbaric ways, he is also one of the protagonists with brilliant dialogues. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Ragnar’s brother has character in Vikings

It has been a few months since the adventure Vikings is well and truly over. A blow for fans of the series who have had a hard time say goodbye to their favorite characters.

But do not panic ! MCE TV is committed to making the pleasure last. Since 2013, viewers have taken part in the battles fought by Ragnar and his relatives.

And the least we can say is that aficionados will have witnessed scenes of extreme violence. And this, throughout the series. Sensitive souls refrain !

But while the images could sometimes shock, many characters will still have marked the spirits. Rollo, for example, is part favorite protagonists of aficionados.

The reason ? His ambitious personality and his treacherous ways. Two character traits that will catapult him from an ordinary northerner to a duke.

Although sometimes hateful, he knew how to shine by his eloquence. Today, Screenrant therefore pays tribute to him by unveiling his best quotes during the different seasons of Vikings.

Let’s start our overview right away with the first one. “When you hear thunder, it’s only thunder. But for me it’s Thor, beating his hammer! “

Eh yes ! It is no longer a secret. Everyone knows that Scandinavian warriors believe in the existence of the Nordic Gods.

So that all of the series is sprinkled with reference to Odin and his offspring. Here, the evocation of Thor highlights the difference between Viking society and Francic society. MCE TV tells you more!

Vikings: Top 10 best quotes from Rollo in the series!

Interesting quotes

In ninth position, we find an important quote from Vikings. « I wanted to get out of your shadow but when I walked out the doors there was no sunlight. “

Rollo did choose to say these words after his betrayal of his brother. Indeed, the character played by Clive Standen did not hesitate to ally with Jarl Borg. Corn he seems to have regretted his decision very quickly.

Moreover, he will not hesitate to proclaim loud and clear: ” Ragnar is my father. My mother. He’s Lagertha. He’s all I can’t do. » Too cute !

Despite everything, that will not prevent him from repeating the experience … And this, taking the side of King Charles. He even converted to Christianity. And this, while he had asked his friend: « How many Christians have I killed, Floki?«

Let’s continue with this sentence: « Bring her back from Valhalla. But, make it worth it. Because it is already at the gates. “

Very wise, he had therefore tried to warn the warriors about Thorrun’s state of health. At last, “Up on the overturned keel.” Climb, with a heart of steel. The cold is the spray of the ocean. And your death is on the way. “; “It’s just funny the Gods took you first.” I always thought they liked you better. »

“I won’t betray you. I will not betray in Paris. And I will not betray my wife. “; “As long as my brother is still alive, he is not defeated. ” or “Blow the corns!” Defeat the Drums and have courage. Because there will be no turning back. Only victory! Or death ! ” There’s no denying it, Rollo is truly one of the best characters in Vikings !