Vikings: these 5 friendships with Game of Thrones that would go wrong!

The Vikings and Game of Thrones series have a lot of similarities. Among them, the points in common between certain characters!

If there is one thing in common between Vikings and Game of Thrones, it is the strange similarity between certain characters. MCE TV reveals precisely five friendships that could have been born between the protagonists of the two seriess. Good reading !

Vikings – Game of Thrones : de grandes similitudes

From the moment Vikings pointed the tip of his nose, viewers noticed several points common with the world of Game of Thrones. The fantastic series and the historical drama are very often assimilated since they approach family dramas …

And above all, a battle for the throne. Either the Great Iron Throne of Westeros, and the great Viking in the medieval series. Moreover, there is no lack of fighting on both sides!

But one thing brings the two series together particularly well. It is then about the characters. Some friendships between the two great series could turn sour, but others could have lasted a lifetime.

Below, MCE TV unveils 5 friendships that could have been lasting. The first is arguably the close bond between Bran from Game of Thrones, Bran and Seer from Vikings. Okay, unfortunately the latter’s death did not help the situation.

But the fact that Bran is the Three-Eyed Raven might make him the Kattegat seer’s great friend. Both would pass probably a lot of time together, to think and meditate together.

Another surprising friendship, Athelstan & Bronn who are very similar. Nothing is holding them back. They are always ready to change location for the better preserve oneself, and thus, adapt to new situations.

Vikings: these 5 friendships with Game of Thrones that would go wrong!
Vikings: these 5 friendships with Game of Thrones that would go wrong!

Surprising friendships

Both men are also great fighters. And one thing is for sure, their loyalty is free to change at any time to ensure their safety. But would their friendship be long term? Big doubt!

Still in this top 5 of friendships between characters from the Vikings and Game of Thrones series, that between Heahmund and Daenerys. We all know that this last one is not the best for creating beautiful friendships.

But she could still have had a good relationship with Bishop Heahmund. They would probably have become allies because they are both passionate warriors.

Daenerys is ready to do anything to save Jon beyond the wall, even if it means calling on her dragons. Same thing for Heahmund who risks his own security to protect Lagertha.

Moreover ! Floki and Sansa could have gotten along really well, yet they are not alike. Floki enjoys solitude while Sansa is happy in the company of others. But both have a knack for manipulating those around them.

So they could have worked together and use their common manipulation to get far. And maybe they would have developed a wonderful friendship!

Finally in this top 5, let’s not miss the friendship between Lagertha (Vikings) and Cersei. Two powerful women with great character, who could have form the best couple of friends.

They could have found common ground to evolve together, since they can both be ruthless. They are also very motivated by the love of their family, and especially of their children.

But one thing is certain, Lagertha would quickly lose patience with Cersei. Because the latter is not so easy to bear.