Vikings: Harbard’s identity as a descendant of Odin finally revealed?

In the medieval Vikings series there are several plot holes. Fans are wondering who Harbard is!

It has been several years since Vikings ended. Even so, fans continue to wonder about the medieval series, especially Harbard. They also look forward to the spin-off which should see the game shortly.

Questions about Harbard’s identity in Vikings

In Vikings, fans always wonder about plots abandoned by the writers. Some have also found that there has not been enough development on the identity of Harbard.

In season 3 of Vikings, fans met Harbard. The latter appeared as a mysterious wanderer. Several have also found that he had a incredible power over women.

He managed to attract them without doing much. But that’s not all. He also seemed to have powers. Indeed, Harbard succeeded in making Ivar’s pain disappear from a totally unexplained way.

He has used magic several times, so many have had doubts about his identity. Several wonder if it is in fact Odin but with a disguise. He also had a great potential with Ragnar.

On several occasions he has revealed that he is the descendant of Odin (Vikings). In another episode, the man also had sex with Aslaug. He had the potential to give birth to a demigod.

And to find situations with a complex solution. He also had very important clues for the rest of his life. On the other hand, and to everyone’s surprise, it has totally disappeared.

Vikings: Harbard's identity as a descendant of Odin finally revealed?

Siggy’s tragic fate

Overnight, fans no longer saw Harbard in Vikings. Some have tried to find out more about the character. However, they never got answers to their questions. He just wasn’t there anymore.

Even at the end of Vikings, the series never addressed this big plot void. This is not the only strange thing that escaped the fans. Some also ask themselves questions about Bjorn’s daughter.

As a reminder, Bjorn had a little girl with Þórunn. The latter asked Aslaug to take care of it because she had decided to leave Kattegat. But the little one had a tragic fate. No one took care of her.

Subsequently, Sigurd (Vikings) found Bjorn’s daughter, drowned in a ditch. If they named the little girl “Siggy” in honor of the death of the great Siggy, no one didn’t seem to care about this death.

She was completely glossed over and fans never heard of little Siggy again. Sigurd’s fate also surprised fans. While he had a great ability to predict the future, he lost his life.

It was Ivar who murdered him. While the character was highly regarded by Vikings fans, the medieval series never mentioned his name again. One thing is certain, there is several holes in the plot.

The one around the character of Harbard remains inked quite strange in the Vikings series !