Video games, high tech, what are the most hated companies in France?

Having a good brand image is a primary objective for a company that wants to attract consumers over time. But since popularity cannot be decreed, large companies are also often the object of criticism or “bad buzz” on social networks. The product review site RAVE Reviews has just decided to list the most hated brands around the world, country by country.

Samsung and Amazon among the favorite brands of the French

To do this, the authors used the SentiStrength research tool to assess the positive or negative content of over a million brand-related tweets. They deduced a “hate rate” which corresponds to the percentage of negative tweets. This classification remains of course to be taken with a grain of salt and it does not necessarily represent the real opinion of the entire population.

A first surprise comes straight away: Microsoft is doing quite badly in this list. The Redmond firm is thus the most hated in the world and is found in the lead in 22 states, including countries as diverse as the United States or Russia. Difficult to explain this result if it is not by the past setbacks of the company with the American antitrust. By comparison, Facebook and Google lead the most hated companies in 24 countries together.

With regard to France, Nissan tops this ranking globally. For the gaming category, Ubisoft is clearly not a prophet in its country and obtains a “hate rate” of 76% in France. When it comes to “big tech”, Microsoft ranks first among the most hated firms.

On a more positive note, our colleagues from Forbes surveyed the French last August to find out their favorite brands. Samsung and Amazon occupied the top two places, while Apple was fifth. For its part, Disney was in ninth position.


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