Vanguard Season 1 Patch Notes: New weapons, maps …

At the start of Season 1, your Season level will refresh to level 1 and your progress will resume from the highest prestige level you reached previously – three, if you reached the highest level during the season. pre-season.

Starting with Season 1, all 10 Prestige levels offer a new Zombies and a Pacific Multiplayer / Warzone Challenge to complete for XP and a calling card. Complete all 20 in a Seasonal set for this game mode to unlock an incredible animated calling card that shows off your elite abilities.

This Season offers four additional prestige to achieve in the first 200 levels, as well as a new weapon blueprint:

– Level 50: new prestige, emblem, weapon blueprint and Battle Pass level jump

– Level 100: new level of prestige, emblem and battle pass

– Level 150: new level of prestige, emblem and battle pass

– Level 190: All Season challenges available

– Level 200: new prestige, emblem, Battle Pass level jump, Master Prestige calling card

– Levels 250 to 1000: possibility to gain additional prestige levels, if they have not been reached during the Pre-Season.

Remember: your Prestige level course is synchronized between Vanguard and Warzone Pacific, which means you can progress through Season levels and increase your Prestige level by gaining XP in either. Game !


  • Fixed overlapping object issues.
  • Armory
    • Custom Mods: Players can save custom versions.
    • Adjusted the position of the camera when selecting specific weapons or accessories. Players have reported that the weapon preview has been cut off for a handful of attachments.
  • Stake
    • The bug where players would load into the game with an invisible weapon has been fixed.
    • Combat shields now correctly display skins when stowed.
  • Progression and camouflages
    • XP
      • XP rates have been increased for snipers.
    • 3 line rifle
      • Bloodthirsty challenges have been replaced with lying challenges.

Killstreaks .

  • Flamenaute
    • Added damage direction indicators for players using Flamenaut.
  • Incendiary bombardment race
    • Fixed an issue that resulted in players not seeing where the visual effect of the fire started, causing players to take damage even if they were not standing in the flames.
  • Attack dogs
    • Fixed missing VFX effect path when playing hissing animation.
  • User interface
    • Improves the performance of Killstreaks to reduce flickering.

Field improvements

  • Dead Drop
    • Fixed a bug where players would continually receive their best win streak when using Dead Drop.
    • The charging time has been doubled.
  • Goliath
    • Easier to tell if a deployed Goliath is friendly


  • Fixed an issue with “Grizzled Veteran – Get X Kills in Hardcore Mode” not displaying correctly.


  • Fixed a bug preventing some players from unlocking reticles.


  • Demyansk
    • Fixed an exploit where players could exit the map.
  • Oasis:
    • Fixed exploits where players could leave the map.
  • toscan
    • Fixed a rare issue where players would spawn outside the map.
  • in a num
    • Fixed a rare issue where players would spawn outside the map.
  • Expedition (Dec 9)
    • Spawn logic adjusted to avoid spawn traps


  • UI / UX
    • Fixed a bug where player names were blank in “Incoming Clan Requests” if the request was received in the Clan Request menu.


  • Players will see a warning when equipping 2XP tokens while a 2XP World Event is in progress.

Performance and connectivity

  • Improved stability when logging into lobbies.
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in a “Server Snapshot Error”, where players were kicked out of matches and in MP menus. (Dec 9)


  • Stalingrad
    • Fixed a bug where the game would crash when Polina picked up an NPC.
  • Battle of berlin
    • Fixed a bug that caused the game to crash after a cutscene.


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