Vanguard players rise up against snipers

Call of Duty: Vanguard players have started asking for improvements to be made to the various snipers in the game. Indeed and many of them want the aim speed to be increased. And this despite the opposition of developers.

Snipers have always been a more or less meta choice in Call of Duty. Whether in normal multiplayer or in Warzone, because there are many ways to play with these weapons.

If you want to camp, and take down enemies from really long distances you can usually do it with ease. But if you are more aggression-oriented and want to use fast riflescopes at close range, that is also possible.

However, early in the life cycle of CoD: Vanguard, some longtime gamers worried about the power of snipers. Especially the excruciating aiming speed that many have.

Vanguard Operator

In Vanguard, snipers are not popular.

Snipers too weak on Vanguard?

The debate on the issue was initiated by player u / IMarkus666. Sure enough, he started his post by quoting a post from the developers: “Snipers are ok at the moment and should only be used by the best players”. Very dissatisfied with this opinion, IMarkus666 replied: “You really need to face reality lmao”

The player was left in dismay at the number of hitmakers he got without actually taking down his enemies.

Many fans agree with his opinion. Even suggesting that snipers need an immediate buff, especially when it comes to ADS speed. “Almost all of the guns in this game have TTK in the range of 150ms. Snipers need 595 MS for ADS ”, said one player.

Sledgehammer has already made weapon balancing changes in Vanguard. Unfortunately for them, the snipers were hardly affected. With the arrival of Warzone Pacific, radical changes could be made. Either way, we just have to wait and see what the developers choose to do.


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