Vanguard pay-to-win weapon blueprint discovered in-game

Call of Duty: Vanguard players have discovered a potential pay-to-win weapon plan. Indeed, the Debt Collector variant of STG44 has an exclusive buff that can only be accessed by purchasing it.

CoD Vanguard has been online for 12 days now and we all know the STG44 has dominated from the start. While the Assault Rifle already rips with the right accessories, players have discovered another reason to be afraid of this weapon.

The Vanguard community has noticed that a mysterious seventh option is in the Debt Collector’s weapon blueprint. It didn’t take long for fans to sound the alarm bells “Pay to win”.

This Epic Level Weapon Blueprint comes with 10 accessories built into the TSG. This means you don’t need to level up to use some of this powerful AR’s best upgrades. However, one particular improvement has been spotted by the player u/SappHaze November 16.

STG44 Vanguard

Vanguard’s STG44 is already a meta weapon.

A Vanguard weapon blueprint granting expertise normally unreachable

Debt Collector is actually provided with “Steady Aim” expertise. Curiously, this expertise is not accessible on the normal TSG. This is an exclusive bonus linked to this specific premium model.

Stable aim is intended to reduce movement penalties that occur when firing your weapon or when suppressed. That doesn’t seem to break the game per se, but the exclusive benefit being locked behind a microtransaction, many fear the worst is yet to come.

“Oh, the accessories specific to the Blueprint, we are not going to abuse them”, said one player.

“Hopefully this is not intentional”, added another player.

“Pay to win again, very good…”, add many other players.

It is important to mention that it could be an oversight. The inclusion of the Stable Aimed Expertise may not have been intentional and could be removed in the next update. However, it could also portend a bleak future where weapon blueprints become necessary to enhance your abilities.


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