Vanguard November 18 patch note: Shotguns, R&D bug

A new CoD patch: Vanguard has finally brought balance to overpowered shotguns, and also fixed a very frustrating bug in Search & Destroy.

Vanguard didn’t really get off to a good start. Since its launch, players have complained about different aspects of the game, ranging from the Zombies mode experience to haphazard multiplayer spawns.

Fortunately, Sledgehammer Games has been very active in producing updates and fixing issues. The latest update brings in particular fixes for the multiplayer mode and Zombies.

November 18 Vanguard update patch

Shipment Vanguard

Shipment has made a comeback on Vanguard.


Players have noticed the effect of Bloom in Vanguard lately. This update addresses this issue and explains exactly what accessories that increase / decrease accuracy do.

Weapons challenges also had many problems, such as the Gold for the Automaton for example. This patch fixes this and other issues.

Adjustment of weapons

  • Reduced the effects of the spread of ADS (aka Bloom) on basic weapons (without accessories).
    • Developer Note: Accuracy enhancing accessories will reduce the spread of ADS. Accessories with precision penalties will increase the effects of ADS.
  • Balanced all shotguns, affecting range, pellet dispersion, guessing penalty, and more.

Weapons challenges

  • Fixed an issue where the MK11 Launcher’s long range shooting challenges were not being tracked.
  • Fixed an error in labeling the skill required for the Automaton Mind Games challenge.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the player from completing the Lynx Eye challenge for the combat knife.

User interface – Gameplay

  • Fixed the bomb bug in Search & Destroy where players could see when an enemy defused the bomb.


  • Fixed the issue with Firing Ranger’s sprint speed.

Combat improvement

  • Fixed a bug where players had 10x more health with armor than normal.


  • Fixed a bug where the Grizzly Veteran Challenge – Get 50 kills in Objective Mode was not being tracked correctly.


  • Operator Preferred Weapons now provide the correct amount of XP when used.

Clan name

  • You know you shouldn’t be walking around with the SHG, IW, and Raven tags. Now we’ve made it so that you can’t.


Zombies Vanguard

Vanguard’s Zombies mode isn’t unanimous among gamers.


  • Fixed an issue where the player could still interact with the exfiltration portal after failing to exfiltrate.


  • Fixed unlock text that appears when you reach level 5 with Solange.


  • Fixed an issue where Legendary Alliances would still not appear for some players.

So there you have it for the content of the Vanguard patch for November 18. Note that this weekend, you can benefit from free access to this opus. To find out everything, head to our article dedicated to this subject.


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