Vampyr is available on the Epic Games Store for 24 hours

Although it is not the best game from the Paris studio, Vampire is quite generous in its proposal, starting with his narration, its artistic direction and his music in the hues of tortured cello. Sadly, the fights are not the most exciting, like Hexen emphasizes in his test:

Vampyr has promised a lot on its RPG aspect and if it is true that the first hours of play start very well, with characters that we take pleasure in discovering, the continuation is much less encouraging. […] With his ass between two chairs – that of pure RPG and that of action-RPG – Vampyr should have chosen one of the two camps or allowed himself additional development time. A real shame when we see that many characters are indeed interesting and deserve to be discovered, that we feel empathy for them; when you realize that the main story is catchy from start to finish; when we remember the atmosphere very well controlled and in keeping with the times presented.


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