Valve will extensively test the Steam catalog on the Steam Deck

That’s a lot of games

A few months from marketing you Steam Deck, Valve continues to present some features who can make the difference, like Deck Verified, a clear and quick way to know if the ultra-portable gaming PC support the biggest titles from the Steam catalog.

Valve has been confident in his little machine for a few weeks, believing that all the big AAA PC games of the moment can run without problems on the Deck, but unlike the environment of a console, this does not mean that the experience offered by a given game will be optimal in a portable context.

Thereby, Valve undertakes to test as many games as possible from the Steam catalog and place macaroons according to the difficulty of use with the Deck. It may depend of a required power, but essentially of the control diagram, where a game that does not support the controllers natively could pose handling problems.

  • Checked : your game passes all the compatibility requirements and works fine on the Steam Deck.
  • Playable : Your game works on the Deck, but requires additional configuration or user manipulation.
  • Unsupported : Your game does not work on the Deck due to incompatibility with Proton or a specific component.
  • Unknown : your game has not yet been rated.

When a game has been rated, Valve will even go so far as to specify the important points to note before launching its first part, which is very practical for softs with a yellow macaroon. For example, Team Fortress 2 will run smoothly on the small machine, but support for the controller configuration is not complete, which will force the player to use the touch interface.

Although the initiative looks good, it is assumed, however, that it is virtually impossible to test all games in the Steam catalog. We then wonder what will be the games that will be tested as a priority, and how long the evaluation of a newly released game could take.

Valve so seems to want to keep going in the sense of the user by being as transparent as possible. Recently, Bellevue’s studio took the critter apart to better showcase its innards, while also showing the replacement procedure. of SSD M.2 and analog tactile sticks in case the need arises.

We would like to see more devices with this philosophy.


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