Valve heavily mods Dust 2 on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Here, the return of the riot shield

Valve has just deployed Operation Riptide, the last season of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive which announces the return of riot shield from Counter-Strike 1.6, but above all a drastic modification of the legendary map Dust 2. Yes, and skins. Of course there is new skins.

What the trailer doesn’t show is that Dust 2 is of course the center of attention for this patch: with a change to the buildings on the side. you spawn Terrorists, recalling the geometry of the map on the original Counter-Strike, it is no longer possible to shoot in the direction of the double door which leads to le spawn anti-terro.

Shocking, huh? Indeed, it was possible to watch the ramp and beyond the double door since the Terro spawn since the release of the latest version of Counter-Strike in 2012. Even if getting a free header at the start of the round on the CT side was a recurring complaint, this may change a few habits. The low wall that separates the Terro spawn from below has even been raised to avoid all AWP fire untimely at the start of the round.

Other changes have also been made on Inferno, modifying the decor so that there is more contrast with players in some places, while its version 1v1 no longer has much to do with the old configuration. As for Ancient, the last official card to join the competitive pool, bomb sites have been enlarged.

Level equipment, there is also change: la M4A1-S does more damage to the body, while le Desert Eagle in fact less. Le duo de Berrettas costs less and it is now possible to drop grenades to his comrades, in the same way as weapons. At last, riot shield Counter-Strike 1.6 makes its comeback, although it is not available only in Casual mode on hostage cards. The thing must be a wound to balance.

Finally, the new operation, Riptide, features new inspired player skins Guerrilla models of the first Counter-Strike. This new season’s pass offers a system overhaul challenges and missions, unlocked as you go weekly. Players will be able to choose which cosmetic items they want unlock first.


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