Valve aims to improve the Steam Deck’s battery and screen

Despite sales figures that he intends to keep secret, with Steam Deck is a winning bet for Valve, which can now boast of having become a console builderin addition to being at the origin of major franchises and of the most popular gaming platform on PC. Well, it’s not really a console, but the goal is just like, with Steam Deck is being thought of as an ultra-portable gaming PC with ergonomics and practicality in mind.

If the Steam Deck is a great machine that allows you to run pc games particularly tasty in a format that fits in the hand, some technical aspects can clearly be categorized as “improvable”, LCD screen et low autonomy in the first line. It’s a shame, because given manufacturing quality et des performances du Steam Deck as a whole, these essential points tend to spoil the experience a bit.

Valve has never hidden that, if success were to be expected, with Steam Deck could go through iterations. In an interview with The Verge, the designers Lawrence Yang et Pierre-Loup Griffais confirm that this is exactly what the company intends to do.

The future of the Steam Deck will therefore go through SteamOS improvements board, including many ways to further personalize your gaming experience, but also by a hardware overhaul. The designers did not share details, but the screen et the batteries are indeed the elements that could be improved.

Nothing indicates whether it will be a question a new model from the Steam Deckor simple adjustments made at the factory, such as the batteries which should soon be much easier to replace without having to scrape off 3 kilotons of glue. As for the screenno details either, but when we see the quality of that of the Switch – OLED model, we wonder if Valve has not missed a mark at this level.

If the company teases lots of good things in 2023 pour the Steam Deck ecosystemYang and Griffais affirm than a more powerful model is not yet on the agenda, although that is obviously a long term goal. The standardization of portable machine hardware allows developers to be able to optimize their games for the Decksomething that was unthinkable until recently in PC game world. Might as well take full advantage of it.

  • Currently, all Steam Decks can run the same games, and our goal is for users to understand what level of performance to expect when playing. [sur leur Deck]and that developers understand their target… there are a lot of advantages to having a single configuration.
  • I think we will choose to keep this level of performance a little longer, and only improve it when there is a significant gain to be had.

From a software point of view, with Steam Deck represents the culmination of all the experiments Valve has had with Steam over the years, such as le Steam Link or le Steam Controller. Here, and why not un Steam Controller 2 ? Valve is too focused on the Deck at the moment (for the same reason that they don’t plan to offer desktop PCs under SteamOS at the moment), but designing a new version of the highly customizable controller – and a bit weird – is something that kicks designers.

Yes, we want that to happen. It’s just a matter of how and when. I think it’s likely that we’ll explore that because that’s something we wanted too. Right now we’re focusing on the Deck, so it’s kind of the same as the question of the micro-console : This is definitely something we’d be happy to work with a third party on or explore on our own.


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