Validated season 2: Rohff disappointed not to have given everything in the series?

Guest on Skyrock radio, rapper Rohff gave his feelings about his first steps as an actor in the series Validated season 2.

Rohff places great demands on work! Despite the success of his performance in Validated season 2, the rapper from 94 told Skyrock’s microphone to be a little disappointed with his first steps in acting. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Rohff bluffs fans in Validated season 2

Validated season 2 is a huge hit! Available since October 11, the Canal + series has once again broken all records. In just 6 days she was indeed viewed more than 10 million times. Just that !

In this new season, new characters are appearing. Starting with the heroine Sara, played by Laëtitia Kerfa!

New guests also participated in Validated season 2. This is particularly the case of the rapper Rohff, who plays his own role !

The rapper’s performance did not disappoint the fans. On the contrary, she even amazed all the spectators ! On social networks, many Internet users have indeed praised his acting.

In Validated season 2, a scene from Rohff in particular marked the spirits. This is the moment when Rohff faces rapper Bosh, aka Karnage in the series, in a settling of scores.

In this very tense scene, Rohff finds himself held up with a pistol by Bosh. The rapper from 94 does not disassemble and even invites him to shoot! Ready to die, he then recites the Muslim profession of faith, the chahâda.

In this scene from Validated season 2, the fans were seduced by the credibility of Rohff’s acting game. Especially since this sequence refers to the experience of the rapper!

Despite this critical success, Rohff does not seem convinced himself by his performance. This is what he explained to Skyrock’s microphone last week. MCE TV tells you more!

The rapper disappointed with his performance?

Last week, the whole team of Validated season 2 was guest on Skyrock in the Planète Rap show. The opportunity to promote this new season!

At the microphone the host Fred Musa, the director of the series Franck Gastambide first mentioned the performance of Rohff. “Rohff, it’s not his habit to expose himself like that. It was the first time we see him in the picture and he sends a difficult performance and he takes risks when it comes. It could not have been good ”, he acknowledged.

The boss of Validé season 2 also welcomed the buzz around Rohff’s performance. “We talked a lot, he gave the performance that everyone saw and it made a huge buzz (…) I had a fantasy, it was to put him in front of Bosh ”, he continued.

Contacted in the show by phone, Rohff himself also reacted to his performance in the Canal + series. “It was a great experience. It’s the same conditions as on a clip because there are people on the set but we are not used to managing that pressure. I like that pressure. I work with that “, first explained the rap star.

In the process, Rohff also said he was disappointed by his acting in Validated season 2. “It was the first time I acted, it allowed me to touch the dialogue a bit (…) I don’t really like looking at myself (…) Once I saw the feedback, I watched (…) I said to myself that I could have done better ”, he conceded. Proof that we can agree everyone without convincing ourselves!


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