Validated season 2: Aya Nakamura, SCH and Riyad Mahrez in the series?

Are Aya Nakamura, SCH and Riyad Mahrez part of the cast of the second season of Validé? Franck Gastambide gives the answer.

While Canal + is preparing to unveil season 2 of Validé, Franck Gastambide continues to tour the media. The very famous director tells more about the participation of SCH, Riyad Mahrez et Aya Nakamura. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

A long-awaited second season

After a colorful first season, Franck Gastambide therefore embarked on the production of a second part of Validé.

According to the various announcements, it should thus see the light of day October 11 on Canal +. Fans of the series can’t wait any longer!

Especially since it takes a real turn … As you probably know, Hatik leaves his place to Laëtitia Kerfa. Eh yes !

The young actress will thus embody the new heroine of the program. A talented rapper, Sara is trying to find a place for herself on the French rap scene.

Like her colleague, she will then be faced with success, but also and above all, with the repercussions of notoriety. Live rap when you’re a woman, it’s not easy!

On the occasion of the release of season 2, Franck Gastambide is touring the media to promote it. Not long ago, the 42-year-old screenwriter granted a exclusive interview with Rapunchline media.

“I decided to take a break from ‘Validated’, advances the very famous French director at the origin of the program. It took me three years of my life«

” During three years, I couldn’t go do the actor, devote myself to cinema projects, he then confides. So it’s pretty vampiric. “

In the rest of the interview, Franck Gastambide says more about the cast of this new season. He thus evokes the names of SCH, Riyad Mahrez and Aya Nakamura …

Are they in the game? MCE TV tells you more!

Validated season 2: Aya Nakamura, SCH and Riyad Mahrez in the series?

The great absentees of Valid

If the Validé series is so successful, it is also and above all because Franck Gastambide brings together the cream of French rap. And for once, the list is long!

We find Sam’s, Bosh, Rohff, Kool Shen, Rim’K, Busta Flex, Mac Tyer, but also Take A Mic, Ninho, S.Pri Noir, Gringe and Ninho. So many big names!

In his last interview with Rapunchline, the very famous director then mentioned other names of the French music scene.

” It is one of the rappers I listen to the most, that makes me kiff “, He thus declares about SCH, the star of the Marseille city. But to the chagrin of the public, the artist was unable to free himself …

Ditto for Aya Nakamura who had yet agreed to shoot in the second season of the series. Her millions of fans would have loved to see her on screen!

A football star has also encountered availability problems. The most informed know it, this is Riyad Mahrez. Eh yes !

“Cinema and series shoots are done on a very limited time« , explains the creator of Validé. This justifies the absence of these three sports and music stars.