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US regulator rules Apple violated labor law

The National Labor Relation Board (NLRB), the US regulator on the world of work, has just concluded after an investigation that Apple had indeed violated the American labor code by trying to limit the right to speak of its employees. Statements by some Apple executives or Apple Store managers have had “tendency to hinder, restrict or coerce employees” according to a spokesperson for the NLRB. The NLRB judgment follows the complaint of Cher Scarlett et Ashley Gjoviktwo former Apple employees who had complained about a sometimes toxic work environment and facts that could amount to harassment (after internal investigation, Apple will judge that this was not the case).


Despite the sometimes contradictory (and often unsubstantiated) statements of Cher Scarlett (to the point that several Apple employees were moved by them on social networks), the NLRB largely sided with the point of view of the complainant who notably accused Apple of “prohibit employees from freely discussing holidays, hours, and working and hiring conditions”. For its part, Gjøvik had protested after the sending of an internal email from Tim Cook warning possibly suspicious employees of “leak”. The ex-employee also criticized the ban on Apple employees speaking to journalists, which would be perfectly illegal according to federal laws in force in the United States. Gjøvik had received his dismissal notification in 2021, Apple accusing him of having provided confidential information to the TechCrunch site.

The NLRB therefore announces that it will follow the complaint of Cher Scarlett and Ashley Gjøvik, unless of course Apple offers an acceptable arrangement. The Cupertino company has not yet reacted, but it would probably be well advised to do so knowing that the NLRB also accuses Apple of having violated federal laws on the right to unionize. The case is starting to get heavier…


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