Update January 5 Warzone patch: fixes and more

The winter break is now officially over! To start the year off on the best possible terms, the developers rolled out a short update to Warzone on January 5th to fix various bugs.

While the developers had eased off on the updates for the holiday season, they are now back to their good old ways.

On January 5, Warzone players were entitled to their first update of the year 2022. “Happy 2022! We are delighted to get back to work. This is the first of many updates planned for the coming weeks. Expect more updates soon and keep giving us your feedback ”, they declared.

Warzone January 5 full patch notes


  • In Vanguard modes, the Firesale public event will now last for the duration of the circle it begins with.


  • Fixed collision issues with various items across Caldera, allowing players to mine / peek / shoot through them.
  • Fixed an issue where each drop would appear at the exact same XY coordinates.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Operator Francis “Awoken” skin to appear invisible beyond a certain distance.

Obviously this short patch is far from resolving all the problems currently plaguing the battle royale.

However, being able to say goodbye to the bug that allowed players to exploit Caldera textures is a good start.


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