Un si grand soleil: Aurore Delplace is leaving the cult series for good?

While Aurore Delplace has left Un si grand soleil because she will soon give birth, some wonder if she will return to the series!

A few months ago, Aurore Delplace (Un si grand soleil) announced that she was expecting a baby. For a few days, she disappeared from the trays to wait for the birth of her little one boy that will take place at the end of October.

A new baby for the actress of Un si grand soleil

Last May, Aurore Delplace (Un si grand soleil) spoke about her pregnancy to our colleagues from Télé Loisirs. She said: “I feel good now but during three months has been hell. I had nausea “.

Aurore Delplace (Un si grand soleil) also added: “It’s terrible, I used to get up with a hangover when I wasn’t drinking. It’s unfair (she laughs). I lost 1.5 kilograms the first few months. Because I couldn’t eat« .

She continued: “I fell asleep everywhere, even while eating! There, for two or three weeks I have been living again, I can start yoga again. And I no longer have want to go back to bed after getting up ! ».

The young woman also announced her pregnancy very quickly in the production of the series. “I told them pretty quickly. I was just over two months pregnant. When they asked me if I was available in October« .

Aurore Delplace (Un si grand soleil) revealed: « Or, i’m supposed to give birth in october... By announcing to them, I was afraid that they put me aside. But the producer Tomas de Matteis (…) immediately told me not to worry about the future ”.

When our colleagues from Télé Loisirs asked her until what date she was going to shoot, she confided: ” I do not know ! (she laughs). I want work to the end« .

Aurore Delplace will return to the series

Aurore Delplace (Un si grand soleil) also declared: “As long as I can move and my pregnancy isn’t too visible… I’m afraid I’ll be bored. What is certain is that in July and August, I still shoot« .

Finally, Aurore Delplace (Un si grand soleil) has stopped filming since September 3. The godmother of her baby will also be one of her co-stars. The one who embodies the role of Lucille , Naïma Rodric will become the godmother.

Because of her pregnancy, fans of the young woman also noticed that she was no longer part of the credits. Some wonder if she’ll come back when her maternity leave will end.

They are afraid that his character in the series. But let them be reassured, the actress will not disappear of such a great sun. Indeed, she will return in a few months to the delight of her fans.

At the moment, his character is in a very difficult situation. As a reminder, Johanna (Un si grand soleil) filed a complaint against Richard Daumier. The latter harassed her and young woman is not going to stop there.

However, she has no proof. And then things are likely to get complicated. Fortunately, Johanna is determined to fight. Fans still wonder how the writers will manage the departure of the actress.

It will also take patience before knowing more. Case to follow!