Ukraine literally doesn’t care about Russia’s cyberattacks against it

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Russian cyberattacks against Ukraine have increased over the past year.

Not enough to move the kyiv authorities, who even allow themselves to laugh at a press conference. Yet the number of attacks from across the border has been massive since the start of the war.

Moscow would not be capable of much for kyiv

Little moment of humor during a press conference in kyiv this Tuesday, January 17. Head of the State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection Yuri Schygol, who was to hold a live-video press conference on the cyberattacks suffered, had to slightly delay the event. And this, because of a Russian offensive. Not enough to start the phlegm of the politician, who took the opportunity to mock his opponent.

All the Russian hackers could do was delay the start of our briefing by 15 minutes. he thus quipped in front of the reporters. The country was however the object of very many cyberattacks last year, 2,194 exactly. And according to Yuri Schygol, almost all of them come from the Moscow forces.

Russia is not hiding

1,655 of these attacks were recorded by kyiv after the invasion began on February 24. Government institutions were the target of a quarter of these attacks, 557 in total, again mostly from Russia according to the same source.

Basically, of all the hackers who work with Russia, most of them don’t even hide their affiliation… They’re all funded by the FSB (Russia’s Federal Security Service), and are either in military service, or employed by these agencies “, specified Yuri Schygol.

Since last winter, the cyber space has also been a battlefield between the two adversaries, who clash with ransomware, hacking of important sites or data theft.

Source : Reuters

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