UFO? Drone? Internet users are fascinated by what this connected camera filmed

The story takes place in Great Britain, during a football match. Matt Doughty, 43, and his friend Kevin were quietly watching the meeting on television when suddenly Matt’s smart camera app alerted him to a presence outside his front door.

The latter therefore opens the door, probably thinking that it was a neighbor or a delivery by mistake. But he can’t find anyone in front of his house. Suddenly, he decides to check if it was not a false alarm by consulting the video captured at the same time by the camera connected to his front door.

Difficult to determine what this connected camera really filmed

He and his friend can’t believe their eyes. We can indeed see three lights slowly drifting, passing just behind the tree in the storefront of his home. Matt says, quoted by Paris Match: “It was silent and very strange. The three lights were moving slowly across the sky. They passed behind the trees, just above the house opposite before disappearing, on the left, towards the forest ”.

And Matt to add: “I was like, ‘Oh my God, but it’s so close!’ I admit I was a little scared. And when my friend Kevin saw it, he just cried out, ‘looks like a UFO!’ ”. Of course, it’s hard to tell from this single video that Matt Doughty actually observed a UFO outside his home.

The video is in black and white, and because the CCTV camera uses a wide angle which distorts the image, it is very difficult to imagine the exact distance. Especially since the observation of Matt Doughty is obviously an isolated case.

From the outset, you have to be wary, because smart kids do not hesitate to create this kind of videos from scratch to make people talk about them. Nevertheless, we can find some reasonable explanations of what we really see in the picture.

The first, and arguably the most credible, is that someone was just trying out a hobby drone in the neighborhood. Drone with fixed lighting (normally there are flashing elements). It is also possible that it was a formation flight of fighter jets before their night landing.

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Another possible explanation: it could be three handcrafted flying lanterns, a kind of paper balloons containing a candle – slowly carried by the wind. You can tell us what you think by watching the video in question yourself:


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