Twitter: that’s it, advertisers are starting to come back

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After advertisers leaked at the time of its takeover, Twitter finally found companies willing to spend their advertising dollars on its network.

Will Elon Musk be able to breathe? While the finances of his social network are in the red for the year 2022, the businessman has managed to secure a number of advertising contracts for this year. What to raise the slope to the income of the box?

Sports Twitter

How to improve Twitter revenue? This is almost a question that could have been asked of ChatGPT, as the network, in difficulty, has multiplied the leads in recent weeks in order to increase its income. Even to the point of allowing political advertising again in the United States.

But if some large groups are reluctant to come back, Elon Musk’s firm has still managed to secure contracts with several large partners, according to documents to which Axios has had access.

It is above all the world of sport that is present among these advertisers. All the major American leagues, from the NBA to the NFL, via the NHL or NASCAR, will remain on the network and pay to communicate during the regular season and key events like the Super Bowl.

The media stay on Twitter

And sport is not alone, since entertainment giants like Paramount or Disney will also continue to be present on the blue bird network. More interestingly, the American media have not deserted Twitter, despite the controversy surrounding the temporary suspension of the accounts of certain journalists.

Bloombergthe Wall Street JournalReuters, ForbesAxios or USA Today will thus sign content agreements with Twitter for important events such as the CES or the World Economic Forum in Davos, the 2023 edition of which is currently being held.

If the partnership turns out to be financially lucrative for all these entities, they still prefer to remain discreet. None of the big name companies Axios attempted to contact would comment.

Source : Axios


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