Twitter tests reactions to tweets with images or videos like on TikTok

Taking inspiration from TikTok, Twitter is testing a new feature that lets you react to tweets with a video or image. Reaction videos are very popular on the Chinese social network, but will they become popular on Twitter as well?

The retweet is one of the most important features of Twitter. It allows you to share a tweet with your followers. You can retweet a tweet or retweet one as a quoted tweet. This allows you to add comment, photo, GIF, and even video.

The new feature to react to a tweet with a video
The new feature to react to a tweet with a video – Credit: Twitter

Twitter is now testing a new feature inspired by TikTok that has become the world’s most downloaded app ahead of Facebook. This feature allows you to react to a tweet with a photo or with a video. So this is similar to the reaction videos which are very popular on TikTok. Influencers mainly use it to respond to another video.

The blue bird social network announced that: ” reaction videos to tweets can now be shared on Twitter. Test on iOS: When you tap the Retweet icon, choose ‘Quote a Tweet with reaction’ to create and customize your own Tweet Take ».

This new feature is actually called Tweet Take. Twitter has shared several screenshots to illustrate how it works. You can already prepare a reaction video that you then post with a quoted tweet, but this takes more time. With Tweet Take, users will be able to react to a tweet directly in video. Instead of writing their comment, they can film yourself and post the video immediately with the quoted tweet.

Finally, this functionality has not yet been deployed globally. She is always currently being tested on iOS. Twitter, which bans private videos and photos shared without consent, will first assess its operation in real conditions before deploying it in its final version.

Source : Ubergizmo


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