Twitter: a subscription for $ 2.99 / month soon available, here is what it will allow you to do

Anxious to find new sources of income, Twitter is currently working on paid subscriptions. According to researcher Jane Manchun Wong, these will give access to premium features.


In early May, Twitter announced that it was now possible to tip certain accounts. However, the social network had assured that it would not take commissions on it. Still, the platform does seek to increase its sources of income. To do this, it intends in particular to offer its users subscription services. And we are starting to see the outlines.

Social networks specialist, researcher Jane Manchun Wong has just confirmed that a subscription entitled “Twitter Blue” would cost $ 2.99 per month. Paying this amount will allow users to cancel a tweet in particular.. Concretely, if you regret what you wrote or that you notice that your tweet contains an error, you will have a small period of time to cancel its sending.

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Twitter: towards the end of advertising thanks to the premium subscription

The researcher also added that the subscription would keep her favorite tweets in “Collections”. A handy feature to have them easily on hand later. Jane Manchun Wong further asserts that Twitter is planning to offer several subscription plans. The most expensive would notably offer better reading comfort by reducing the size of the screen.. The advertisements would thus be withdrawn. This should satisfy many users who campaigned to benefit from such a feature.

It seems in any case quite plausible when we know that Twitter acquired Scroll very recently. It was an application which allowed to read information without advertising, for a subscription of 5 $ / month. And former CEO Tony Haile, who is now part of the Twitter team, has confirmed that Scroll will fit into a larger subscription in the future.

If the source is more than reliable, we still wait for Twitter to confirm its revelations. Note that nothing has been announced about the arrival of a feature allowing you to modify your tweet after posting it.


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