Twitch changes its compensation rules, a blow for streamers

This is a real blow for streamers. In a press release published on Wednesday, Twitch has just announced an important change concerning their remuneration. In concrete terms, the most important videographers on the platform have so far benefited from 70% of net income from subscriptions, while other content creators only receive 50%.

A radical change on Twitch in 2023

This boost will be partially removed from June 1, 2023. In detail, Twitch specifies that streamers will still be able to benefit from the 70/30 ratio up to $100,000 in revenue, but beyond that it will be 50/ 50. Amazon’s service justified itself by pointing to the cost of streaming:

Finally, we must mention the cost of our service. Live streaming high-definition, low-latency, always-on video to every corner of the world is expensive. Based on pricing published by Amazon Interactive Video Service (IVS), the live video solution used by Twitch, the streaming cost for a creator streaming 200 hours per month in front of 100 concurrent viewers is over $1,000 per month.

And Twitch to add: We rarely get into those numbers because, quite frankly, you shouldn’t have to worry about them. We prefer to let you focus on what you do best. But to give you a complete answer to the question “Why not 70/30?” we cannot ignore the high streaming costs of the Twitch service. »

In France, these announcements did not fail to react to the headliners of the platform. Like Zerator who seemed logically annoyed : « 20% reduction in my annual Twitch turnover from mid-2023 without us being able to discuss or do anything. And no, changing platforms is not viable and mounting one even less so. It was the good year to “transform” the big projects huh ».

It was definitely a day rich in announcements on the side of Twitch. The streaming platform also yesterday issued a ban on gambling sites that are not licensed in the United States or “ other jurisdictions that provide sufficient consumer protection “. However, sites specializing in poker and sports betting are not affected.


Par : Twitch Interactive, Inc


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