A Look at Tranxition Solutions


The software provider offering user persona transfer tool across Windows Platform devices is called Tranxition. You can also rely on Tranxition to transfer your essential documents to the cloud using its beta service called Tranxition OnRamp. Most of its highly useful products are commercially available. Also, you will find that most of its products are recognized by reputable organizations including Microsoft Certified Professionals, Forbes and PC Magazine among others. Because of its perfect and reliable products, Tranxition is preferred by many organizations who desire zero tolerance for PC migration with speed.

Tranxition solutions

Several organizations are benefiting from high-quality IT solutions by Tranxition. By using its product, you will not experience post system migration because of distorted file structure which stores different document setting with a vast difference between the source and destination files on the Windows platform. For your understanding of Tranxition suite of solutions, below is a list of just some of the products to know:

  • User settings backup for Microsoft OneDrive

One of the exclusive features of Tranxition Migration Manager is OneDrive with user settings backup. Users can add an automated script to enhance the backup procedure and store the persona on the computer desktop OneDrive folder. This will allow the aggregation of the full persona onto a plan. This process can acquire about 10,000 user settings and saved on OneDrive which makes it easy for the user to restore and access the settings later.

The core benefit of saving all the settings is to provide the source for easy retrieval through a restore of the earlier document on a new device by just signing to the OneDrive account on Microsoft.

  • Migrate Users to Windows 10

Among several ways to migrate users on Windows 10, the Tranxition Migration Manager stands out as a fast and easy way to accomplish the task. The Tranxition migrating tool offers 99.99% possibility of moving profiles and document to Windows 10 with excellent results.


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