TPMP: why does Guillaume Genton always wear sunglasses?

In an interview with Purebreak, Guillaume Genton explained why he wore sunglasses in TPMP!

It has been several years since Guillaume Genton became a very important columnist in Touche pas à mon poste (TPMP). On the other hand, some wonder why he wears

“I find it difficult to speak in public.

It’s been a while since Guillaume Genton became a regular columnist in Touche pas à mon poste (TPMP). He never hesitates to go public about his luxurious life and never fails to do the

Guillaume Genton is very often talked about too with his clothes. He does not hesitate to add color but also patterns to his looks. One thing is certain, he never goes unnoticed on the set of Key not at my post (TPMP).

In an interview with Purebreak, he notably confided about his clothes: “I buy all my clothes, I don’t make any partnerships. There are many crevards who take advantage of the exhibition to get free things« .

Before adding: “I find it important to pay”. Afterwards, he also explained why he always wore sunglasses. He never leaves them and these last have become his trademark.

The columnist of Touche not at my post (TPMP) revealed: “Initially it was because I had a small sight problem. And I feel more comfortable with glasses. Because I’m a shy person.

Before continuing: “At the beginning, when I was doing TPMP, I was very very very stressed. And it’s true that when you have glasses, you’re more comfortable talking with people. I have trouble speaking in public« .

@purebreak L’explication des lunettes 🤓😳 #purebreak #guillaumegenton #tpmp ♬ son original – PRBK

Guillaume Genton (TPMP) looks back on his fortune

Guillaume Genton therefore feels more comfortable talking with his sunglasses. These allow him to hide. For Public, the main interested party returned to the bad buzz he had made

On the set of Key not at my post (TPMP), he confessed to being able spend more than 20,000 euros per month. The main interested party then confided: “I would never have allowed myself to say that spontaneously if I had not been asked the question”.

Before adding: “Because I find it vulgar and I hate posting. I don’t post anything on social media. And I understand that it can be shocking. What annoys me is that I read a lot of messages and insults”.

The columnist of Touche not at my post (TPMP) then continued: “There are plenty of people who say that I am an annuitant, an heir. My parents they have a normal job. I started working at 17, even before”.

Finally, Guillaume Genton also indicated: “I get up in the morning to work. I’m not ashamed of it. I will never show it. I find it extremely vulgar to say how much you earn. Now if you ask me the question, I answer. And I’m telling the truth”.


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