TPMP: the brother of a columnist receives a nomination for the Césars 2023!

The brother of one of the TPMP columnists has just been nominated for the Césars 2023 for the Best Sound category.

TPMP columnist Valérie Bénaïm shared many posts about her brother Laurent Bénaïm, nominated for the Césars 2023. He participated in the film L’innocent by Louis Garrel. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

TPMP: new guests

Who says new year, says new guests. And one thing is certain, the TPMP show has understood this. Indeed, Cyril Hanouna and his team love new faces,. The opportunity for benefit from crisp anecdotes on a lot of topics.

Among them, the star Gad Elmaleh. In effect, the actor was invited on Thursday, January 19 on the set of TPMP. The opportunity for the actor to talk about his show, Moreover, available on Canal+. But also to know more about his private life.

Thus, it is the columnist Béatrice Rosen who confided an amazing story about the guest. Words that Cyril Hanouna is not about to forget. Moreover, the latter shocked its Internet users a lot this Tuesday, January 24.

Indeed, the host of TPMP shocked the Web by evoking thecase of the dead cat under the train. On the set of C8 he then declared explosive sentences. « I’m sorry, you don’t delay a train for a cat. If we had intervened, there would have been an accident with someone from security or a firefighter,” he began.

“We do not delay 400, 600 travelers for a cat”, then ends the moderator. Words that did not fail to shake the Web and Internet users. And one thing is for sure the show TPMP has not finished surprising us. Finally, new info on a family member of a columnist has just come out. MCE TV tells you more!

The brother of a columnist nominated for the Césars

This Wednesday, January 25, 2023, a columnist from TPMP gave her news. Or rather, his family. In effect, Valérie Bénaïm posted many messages on his Insta account, dedicated to his brother. The latter is none other than Laurent Bénaïm, a 45-year-old sound engineer.

In addition, he practices his profession in the cinema, a field in which he reveals himself little by little. Indeed, his filmography already includes more than a hundred films. Some of which are fairly well-known, such as Les beaux gosses with Vincent Lacoste. Eh yes !

In addition, his last striking project is called L’Innocent de Louis Garrel. The film was even nominated 11 times for the ceremony of the Césars 2023. Among the categories congratulated, that of Best sound, with the brother of the columnist TPMP, Laurent Bénaïm.

Great news, therefore, that Valérie Bénaïm did not fail to share on her Instagram account. « Onze nominations dont that of the best sound for my brother Laurent Bénaïm ! Normal it is the best brother in the world. I’m so proud of him.”she wrote in the story.

In addition, his message full of pride is accompanied by many smileys. A beautiful proof of love and respect therefore, for the TPMP journalist. Will his brother win a prize? To be continued !


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