TPMP: Stéphane destroyed after his elimination from the 12 noon shots!

Stéphane, famous candidate for 12 noon shots on TF1, returned to his elimination from the game show in TPMP Monday, January 23.

Stephane des 12 strokes of noon resents its elimination. Guest in TPMP Monday January 23 on C8, the famous candidate for the TF1 game show confided that he was struggling to recover from his loss. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Stéphane from 12 noon shots invited to TPMP

This is one of the biggest winners of game shows in France! Stéphane, a worker from Haute-Marne, pocketed 568,343 euros in winnings and gifts through its participation in the 12 strokes of noon on TF1.

Over the days and broadcasts, Stéphane has amazed the public with his knowledge and has established himself as a great champion of the game by Jean-Luc Reichmann. But, after 153 victories, the 50-year-old family man was eliminated from the show January 20!

After this incredible adventure, Stéphane was the guest of TPMP on C8 this Monday, January 23. The opportunity for him to look back on his formidable career.

The worker notably confided that he intended to remain himself and that he was going spend your winnings in a very simple way. “I want to put as much aside as possible to ensure the future of my children. They will need it”he assured Cyril Hanouna.

The ex-candidate of the 12 noon shots still recognized in TPMP to have allowed oneself a little madness. “My son, the last, he turned 18 last week. I bought him a gaming computer. I let myself go a little bit. It’s still not something extraordinary.”he confessed.

Despite his enormous gains and his fine career, Stéphane confided in the C8 show thathe had a hard time with his elimination from 12 strokes of noon. MCE TV tells you more!

The candidate did not digest his elimination

After his elimination from 12 strokes of noon on TF1, Stéphane is somewhat disturbed. He indeed acknowledged in TPMP thathe could not digest his defeat.

” To me, the world is crumbling under my feet. Besides, I still can’t digest. I eliminated myself. I don’t blame my opponent at all, Sarah, because that’s the game, that’s how it is. But I was no longer in it”he explained on C8.

And to continue: “It put me back on the ground. We have to be realistic. I kept working while I was doing the shows. I left at 10 p.m. in the evening and got back to work at 3 a.m..

Stéphane even admitted on the set of TPMP that he still had trouble watching the game after his elimination. “The first three, four days, I didn’t watch anymore, because it was too hard for me. Because the scar is still open, still alive. But now I know I’m watching, but I know I had a hard time getting over it.”said the father of the family.

Finally, the former TF1 game candidate returned to the reasons for his elimination. “I couldn’t pick up the pace after the holidays. The day before, I had had a bad night. I did not arrive in the optimal conditions on the set”he revealed in TPMP.

And to conclude: “It had been several shows that I was not in. I had had an episode at the hotel two days before and I couldn’t recover. I had neighbors who were very noisy until 3 a.m.”. Big deal !


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