TPMP: Kelly Vedovelli reveals her favorite people on the program!

Kelly Vedovelli has her little preferences. She has just revealed the names of the people she prefers in the TPMP program. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

TPMP: to each his own preference

On the set of TPMP, Cyril Hanouna used to say that the columnists form one and the same family. However, there are preferences. Géraldine Maillet is very close to Guillaume Genton, but also to Matthieu Delormeau.

She defended him a lot when he was the target of other columnists. For example, she did not hesitate to come to his defense when Delphine Wespiser attacked him. As a reminder, the latter had told him all the bad things she thought of him.

She had even attacked his private life by saying that he would sell father and mother. While his own mother died… And that’s not all! Gilles Verdez is also often cold with Benjamin Castaldi.

The two TPMP columnists very often argue when it comes to money… Simon’s father likes to claim that he spends lavishly, which annoys Gilles. But between the two, it’s a cow love story!

Finally, Kelly Vedovelli gets along very well with Cyril Hanouna. And according to rumors, they would even be a couple! Yes yes, you hear well.

It was blogger Shayara who started the rumor on Instagram. She even showed evidence. Besides, they would spend their holidays together. Our colleagues from Oh My Mag have even decided to relay a few shots.

Photos where the two of TPMP appear very accomplices. “Kelly Vedovelli spent her month of July in the South of France, on the property of Cyril Hanouna. As evidenced by the pictures above.

The preferences of Kelly Vedovelli

The media then continues: Indeed, the columnist posted a photo of her dog, in the same garden as that posted by the host, last year. The account posted a video of Kelly Vedovelli and Cyril Hanouna, taken “yesterday at 7 p.m.”, in a shopping center”.

But Cyril Hanouna refuses to say more about the state of this relationship… He remains very discreet about his private life. So simple friendship or beautiful secret love story? It is therefore a case to follow on MCE TV!

In the meantime, please note that Kelly Vedovelli also has other preferences. On her Instagram account, she gave the names of the personalities she likes the most on the show.

Of course she has mentioned the name of Benjamin Castaldi. And she even posted a photo of a friendly kiss with him, alongside his wife. She also talked about Raymond. It is true that they have a very good bond on the set of TPMP.

Finally, Kelly Vedovelli is very fond of Bernard Montiel. She keeps complimenting him on social media. However, the blonde did not mention the names of women, such as Géraldine or Valérie…

Her fans are therefore very eager to see her at the start of the school year!


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