TPMP: Kelly Vedovelli dazzling for her seaside vacation!

Kelly Vedovelli is sublime for her vacation by the sea. The TPMP columnist hit the mark with her latest publication.

Kelly Vedovelli is unanimous on social networks. Indeed, the TPMP star appeared more sublime than ever during her vacation by the sea. Internet users are spellbound. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Kelly Vedovelli victim of violent criticism

There are always so many of you to follow news about Kelly Vedovelli. And for good reason ! The TPMP star continues to share his daily life on social networks.

More active than ever on Instagram, the pretty blonde very often displays her body on the platform. Bad luck, his popularity brings him some problems.

Eh yes ! Like many celebrities, the young woman is victim of violent criticism. And this, despite his dream physique. Some Internet users do not hesitate to point out his weight gain…

Recently, the columnist of TPMP took the floor in order to silence the gossips. “I have received a lot of messages since my last posts, yes since confinement, I have decided to take care of my body… You will be able to continue to insult me ​​with a green plant, but no more little pigs! »

And to continue: “Of course it’s not for the haters, but for myself. Heart on you anyway. For the majority, thank you for your everyday love, I’m too lucky, I’m faithful to you forever! »

Words that had not failed to react to some of its subscribers. “Honey, you’re a bomb. Don’t listen to jealous and limited embittered people, you know what you’re worth! »replied Emilie Lopez.

Be that as it may, and despite the criticisms, the little protege of Cyril Hanouna does not intend to stop posting pictures of her. This Saturday, July 30, the star of TPMP shared a new publication. MCE TV tells you more!

The dazzling TPMP star on Instagram

On vacation, Kelly Vedovelli has a blast. Happier than ever to enjoy the sun and the sea, the flagship columnist of TPMP therefore reveals his daily life on social networks.

This weekend, she then shared a snapshot of her. Photo that quickly aroused strong reactions. On the latter, we can see the pretty blonde under a blazing sun.

Wearing a pretty smooth bob, the starlet wears a pair of XXL glasses as well as pretty canvas pants on which are drawn marbled patterns.

And to pimp this glamorous look, the TPMP star had opted for a white low-cut crop top. A style that suits her perfectly.

“I love your pants”, ” You’re the bomb Waw”“Bellissima”, “You are a golden woman”, “You are beautiful my beauty”, “Always beautiful”, “This woman is incredibly beautiful”, “Thank you too beautiful and beautiful the sea”could we read in the comments.

And that’s not all ! The young woman also garnered more than 17,000 likes. One thing is certain, it is that the columnist of TPMP is unanimous with her community!


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