TPMP: Danielle Moreau swings on her private life and it’s surprising!

This Monday, June 13, Danielle Moreau, columnist for TPMP, revealed details about her private life. And it shocked everyone!

On TPMP, the debate revolved around the age limit for driving licenses. A debate hiding another in the show, the columnists and Cyril Hanouna ended up talking about the private life of Danielle Moreau. One thing is certain, his way of life is surprising to say the least. MCE TV explains everything from A to Z!

Danielle Moreau loves telling her life story in TPMP

The regulars of the show know it, Danielle Moreau loves telling her little stories on the set of TPMP. And Cyril Hanouna, for his part, loves to listen to them and laugh about them.

The 55-year-old journalist recently admitted that she had financial worries. In fact, his mother had Alzeimer, a large part of his savings went into his care. “I earn what I spend on home help, all my TPMP stamps go there. I don’t go on vacation anymore.” she had explained.

Fortunately, everything worked out for the columnist. Now, it’s rather her love stories that Danielle Moreau loves to talk about. To the delight of the TPMP presenter.

Yes, the fans had seen the woman very moved on the set of TPMP at the sight of her first love. ” It’s an actor. I didn’t date him, I was just in love.”she then confessed.

Even more recently, she and Matthieu Delormeau fell for the same man. « You’re not going to steal all my guys anyway no “, then declared Danielle Moreau. Indeed, a stripper who came on the set had caught their eye.

This time, in the show of June 14, 2022, the columnist said more about her lifestyle. And his revelations greatly surprised his colleagues. MCE TV tells you more!

An amazing way of life

On the set of TPMP this June 13, 2022, the debate revolved around the age limit for driving licenses. Indeed, the columnists and Cyril Hanouna debated the fatal car accident, the implicated of which is an 88-year-old woman. Thus Danielle Moreau admitted that she did not have the license.

“But I live like in the 19th century”, began the columnist of TPMP. She then gave more details: “I don’t have a washing machine. I wash everything by hand. I don’t have a microwave, I don’t have an elevator”.

Sure, these revelations shocked the star presenter of C8. In the process, he then asked her if she was lit by candlelight. A question that irritated the one who finds herself ugly.

“I’m sorry, we can live just fine!” », she confided, annoyed. She said wash her clothes ” in the bathtub “. Thus, Internet users have not failed to express their surprise on social networks.

Then she still gave its opinion on the age limit of the license. She was for a control visit to grant or not the elderly the right to drive.

One thing is sure, fans love the little stories of Danielle Moreau on TPMP. And Cyril Hanouna, meanwhile, loves to use them to tease her. It remains to be seen what will be next!


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