TPMP: Danielle Moreau fan of a candidate of Love is in the meadow!

Tuesday September 20 on TPMP, Danielle Moreau revealed that she could succumb to the charm of a candidate for Love is in the meadow

Danielle Moreau has been single for years. But she could well fall for a candidate for Love is in the meadow… This is what she revealed on the Touche set not at my post (TPMP). MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Thierry: a hell of a rascal in Love is in the meadow

This Monday, September 19, fans of Love is in the meadow were able to rediscover the personality of Thierry. As a reminder, theThe candidate has already participated in the program in 2015.

At the time, he had the reputation of being a “spell rascal”. It must be said that he was very intimate with his suitors. But alas, things didn’t go well for him…

While he had fallen madly in love with Annick, a former model, he realized that his feelings were not reciprocated. The poor guy was heartbroken. He even admitted to having lost 20 kilos after this disappointment.

But here it is again stronger in this new season of Love is in the meadow. Loneliness hurt him: “No matter how much you turn on two televisions to make a lot of noise or leave the lights all over the house to pretend that there are people… in the end, you are always all alone”.

“The only flowers I pick are to take them to the cemetery. I don’t want this life anymore. The flowers, I want to give them to someone who lives. Quite simply “. His words touched the French.

So be careful, this year, Thierry intends to find love. Only problem, he is always so naughty towards his suitors. And more particularly towards Sylvianne. He even gave her a kiss!

TPMP: Danielle Moreau is an ultra fan

« I gave him a kiss on the mouth! It’s never happened to me in my life.” did he declare. Something that surprised Karine Le Marchand. She therefore reminds him that he “penalizes Remedios because she shows him that she cares about him”.

“If you kiss one, it’s like you’ve made your choice in your head”she continued. ” But I didn’t make my choice! I have a little extra for Sylviane, it’s true, but I haven’t made my choice at all“So replied Thierry.

This sequence did not fail to speak on the set of TPMP. After the criticism of the columnists, Danielle Moreau confided that she was a fan of Thierry: ” It’s my favourite ! Ah rascal of fate, if you come I will…”,

She then explained the reason why she likes Thierry very much. She finds him a certain charm, and a “teen” side: “Me, what I like is that, in fact, they are mature people but who react like teenagers. »

“Because he, for example, has hardly ever seen the wolf… So it’s so touching”. The TPMP columnist spoke candidly.

One thing is certain, she could well say goodbye to her celibacy in front of Thierry. It seems that he really caught his eye! So will Thierry remain insensitive to this beautiful declaration in front of the whole of France? To see if the latter appreciates stays on the farm…


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