TPMP, Daily, C to you: what date for the return of emissions?

The shows are preparing for their comeback! Find out when TPMP, Quotidien or even C à vous will be back on the air at the end of August!

Two months of vacation and it starts again : talk shows are preparing for their comeback! Daily, TPMP, C to you: MCETV reveals the dates for the return to the air of the daily newspapers… Even if, unsurprisingly, everyone returns the same day!

Resumption of the antenna on August 29

Because every year, the channels prepare for the start of the school year. Thus, the three talk shows that compete with each other are preparing new features… And unsurprisingly, competition obliges, the three will find their public and their antenna the same day.

TPMP and C8 thus communicated their return to the air fairly quickly. “Around Baba, find your favorite columnists, but also little new ones that you will discover on August 29”, thus launches C8 in a press release which acts as a teaser.

While Jean-Michel Maire, historical chronicler of the band, seems to have left it definitively, the fans are therefore waiting to find out who is coming to Cyril Hanouna’s show. But opposite too, there will be some changes in the grid!

Historic rival of TPMP, Quotidien and Yann Barthès are also preparing for their return. More discreet in their communications, Daily and TMC are still preparing some new features for the start of the school year. But also a few departures, to renew the team a little.

Thus, Laurent Macabiès, who took care of monitoring the « Morning Glory » to make it the best compilation, leaves his post. Likewise, Daily says goodbye to Lila Haissaine. The writer also bowed out during the June 21 broadcast.

New season: TPMP on its way?

On August 29, the three programs will reveal what they have prepared during these two months of vacation. And even throughout last season. Because the three talk shows are pulling the plug. And everyone tries to stand out from the others with new proposals.

It could thus be that Cyril Hanouna occasionally presents TPMP on Fridays. The goal: to beef up the show against the competition. In his press release shared by Kelly Vedovellithe show announces that it intends to ride the wave of its end of season.

” After having ended last season with record audiences, and up to more than 2 million viewers, this year you will still enjoy it. » But in front, no one is going to let it go. And especially not C to you, who does not change his winning team.

Indeed, some might wonder if Mohamed Bouhafsi, landed last year from RMC, was going to continue after signing with RTL for this season. But yes, he will be there. He will therefore accompany the team of Patrick Cohen in front of TPMP on France 5!

The talk show should therefore keep the good bases of last season. Only novelty, a short fiction should see the light of day. She will be called “I was at that.” This touch of humor will rest on the shoulders of Zoé Bruneau. Something to energize the show a bit more.

See you on August 29 for the return of the talk show battle. While Cyril Hanouna announced a tense first theme for its comebackQuotidien and C à vous have already sharpened their arguments to beat C8!


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