TPMP: Cyril Hanouna tackles the lesson givers “I’ll take care of it”!

This Tuesday, June 7, 2022, Cyril Hanouna was very up on the set of TPMP. The host has also tackled the lesson givers.

If there is one thing that Cyril Hanouna does not support, it is the lesson givers. So much so that in the latest edition of Touche pas à mon poste (TPMP), the host violently tackled them. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Rumors around Laurent Ruquier mentioned in TPMP

More and more viewers are eagerly following TPMP. The reason ? Cyril Hanouna makes it a point of honor to deal with the news with originality.

So that he could not fail not to approach the subject Laurent Ruquier. Indeed, the famous animator made the decision to leave “We’re live”.

A choice that some TPMP columnists find strange. Eh yes ! Did Hugo Manos’ companion argue with his partner Léa Salamé?

If her boyfriend says no, Gilles Verdez is convinced of the opposite. A few days ago, the one who put Matthieu Delormeau in all his states confided in TPMP:

“At the start of the last school year, it was the channel that really imposed Léa Salamé. Laurent Ruquier did not want her at all”. So this is what the columnist launched on the air before continuing:

“The channel said they were going to put Léa Salamé on to boost audiences, so Ruquier was still a little upset and the audiences didn’t skyrocket either! He is very bitter for that”.

And that’s not all ! The star of TPMP also added that Laurent Ruquier does not like how his colleague works. ” During the year, it was very difficult for him. He prepares a lot, but he relies a lot on the set, on instinct. »

“And she, she works at the headset. She listens to the instructions so there is no improvisation. He was very bitter, he didn’t want any more. MCE TV tells you more!

TPMP: Cyril Hanouna tackles the lesson givers
TPMP: Cyril Hanouna tackles the lesson givers “I’ll take care of it”!

Cyril Hanouna very upset against the lesson givers

Anyway and despite the departure of Laurent Ruquier, Cyril Hanouna wanted to address other subjects this Tuesday, June 7, 2022. Thus, the host of TPMP has, once again, made the show.

Especially since he did not hesitate to display his anger concerning some people he hates. Namely, the lesson givers.

Monday, June 6, Salah Abdeslam’s lawyer was present on the set of TPMP. She then confided in the choice to defend her client. “I didn’t hesitate for very long because I saw that there was something to be done, I saw that the contact was good, contrary to all the ideas we might have had. »

“He is someone who is very human, someone with whom we can discuss”, she explained. An answer that shocked the troublemaker of C8.

He also wanted to come back to this sequence. But before that, he also wanted to tackle the lesson givers. Notably the people who criticized him and TPMP.

« The lesson givers who broke our balls, when we invited Jawad, who had vilified us on social networks but who have nothing on Quotidien, I will take care of it personally, I tell you. »

“We are moving forward and them? They are doing what, they are wisely at home commenting. They do nothing, they are useless the lesson givers we want more! “. That is what is said!


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