TPMP: Cyril Hanouna reveals his amazing secret to staying in shape!

At 48, Cyril Hanouna displays a form of thunder! On the set of TPMP, the presenter has agreed to deliver his little secret…

On a daily basis in TPMP, Cyril Hanouna surpasses himself to satisfy his viewers at all levels. On air, he is also constantly in good shape. To everyone’s surprise, the papa de Lino et Bianca therefore agreed to reveal his little secret. MCE TV reveals everything to you.

Cyril Hanouna: Never without his children

To date, Cyril Hanouna is one of the most popular animators! For several years, it is on C8 that it has worked wonders.

With TPMP, the main interested party also constantly makes the good hours of the group. It is the same with its other programs like Face à Baba. Or even TPMP People.

If everything succeeds, Cyril Hanouna does not like to rest on his laurels. The presenter often racks his brains to stand out from other channels.

If he is not on the air, the PAF star also likes to chain padel tournaments. It is his great passion!

When Kelly Vedovelli’s sidekick is not on the pitch, it is with his family that he likes to recharge his batteries. So in the city, the producer is the happy one father of two children: Lino and Bianca.

For them, Cyril Hanouna is ready for anything. « I only bullshit with my kids. I find it hard to scold them, to set limits. I don’t like when they are not well. I always want them to laugh. Fortunately there is their mother [Emilie, son ex-femme, NDLR] “, he also delivered for Télé 7 jours.

Passionate about his work, Arthur’s sworn enemy sometimes has trouble slowing down. ” I’m like Michel Drucker, I find it difficult to pick up, added the latter. However, this Tuesday, March 22, Cyril Hanouna preferred to enjoy a special moment with his son. Together, they even witnessed the victory of the Blues against Australia… Too bad for TPMP.

The TPMP host reveals his secret to staying on top!

Pour Cyril Hanouna, the family, It is sacred ! ” I’ve always been very close to my family.”, said the host of TPMP for the magazine GQ. ” My family is very present, but I find it difficult to confide in my private life. Each time it moves me a little. It’s true that I have complicated relationships with my parents “.

And also specify: “My father is really square”. For a time, his dad also hoped that he would shine elsewhere than in the media.

“He wanted me to do medicine, he made a drama out of it”, thus ensured Emilie’s ex-boyfriend. “Since I was 10 years old, my father has wanted me to be a doctor. If tomorrow I told him that I am stopping everything to become a doctor, he would be the happiest in the world. No kidding “.

That his fans are reassured for nothing in the world Cyril Hanouna would like to leave the world of TV. In TPMP, its energy fascinates as much as it annoys!

His detractors have also repeatedly launched rumors about him. Unfortunately for them, the troublemaker of the PAF claims to have an ultra healthy lifestyle. This is also his little secret to stay in shape.

“I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I’ve never taken drugs.” indicated Cyril Hanouna in TPMP. So, take the seed!


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