TPMP: Cyril Hanouna knocks out France Télé and Radio France again!

After his speech noticed concerning France Télé and Radio France, Cyril Hanouna returned to his remarks in TPMP.

After being noticed with his speech on France Télé and Radio France, Cyril Hanouna returned to the controversy on TPMP on January 17th. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

A controversy that has caused a lot of ink to flow

Since January 16, TPMP, and especially its presenter Cyril Hanouna, have been at the heart of a controversy. Indeed, to start the week, the latter has seen fit to wear a scathing speech against public broadcasting.

In this speech, Cyril Hanouna first reveals the sum given by the State to France Télé and Radio France. “Every year, we give 4 billion…”explains the host of TPMP.

“And that’s without the ads because they have the ads on top. With 4 billion, we can also buy cars for the police, we can rebuild some hospitals, we can increase teachers. (…) France Télé they do none of that”, then said Cyril Hanouna. And that’s not all.

This speech therefore triggered a wave of reactions on social networks. Of many journalists were offended of Cyril Hanouna’s speech on TPMP.

“Just one word, populism. Very proud to be part of this ‘shame’. And no Mr. Hanouna, you are not doing our job”, explains for example Valentin Chatelier (France 3 Regions) on Twitter. He is not the only one.

Hundreds of such messages have been posted on social media. Thus, Cyril Hanouna had to answer on TPMP. And that’s what he did. MCE TV tells you more!

Cyril Hanouna returns to the subject in TPMP

The January 17 TPMP show was eagerly awaited. Indeed, in addition guests and crisp anecdotesCyril Hanouna was expected at the turn.

Yes, after his speech the day before on French audiovisual, all attention was turned on him. Thus, he did not fail to respond to his detractors and to expand further on the subject.

“Yesterday, I said that the State gave 4 billion euros for the public service per year, but everyone retained France Télévisions. (…) But France Télévisions at the limit, they don’t bother meI love the boss Delphine Ernotte », he first explained. As a reminder, TPMP was launched on France 4 in 2010.

He then attacked Radio France. « What bothers me, and you know it, is Radio France. Radio France, France inter which are in the process every month… they do things on their audiences! »then asserts Cyril Hanouna.

“Fortunately they have an audience, they don’t advertise! France inter they pride themselves on being ahead of RTL, it’s normal they don’t have any ads. We if we remove all the ads we are in front of TF1″he added, mockingly.

The TPMP host then began to dissect his favorite antennas. ” Then me France Bleu, I love it, it’s great. That must be kept. France Info also »he says.

“The rest, we have to see. But you realize, seven public service radio stations is 650 million euros per year. At some point, when you’re in trouble, you have to see where you can get some money., he concluded. He has therefore obviously not changed his mind on the subject, even if he seems more nuanced.


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