TPMP: Cyril Hanouna had big projects with the Bogdanoff brothers?

Cyril Hanouna and TPMP had big plans for his brother and him: Grichka Bogdanoff will not have had time to find television again.

« Bogda, Bogda, Bogdanoff… » Yes cyril Hanouna liked to have fun with the twins the most famous on TV. But he will not have had time to get them back to TPMP as he wanted. MCETV explains everything on the subject.

The covid catches up with the two brothers

Indeed, the news touched the fans on Tuesday, December 28: Grichka Bogdanov is dead. Interned in Paris in an intensive care unit, like his brother, he did not survive the covid. It must also be said that the two brothers refused to be vaccinated.

While his brother, Igor, seems to be in a bad way too, the Parisian learns that both had new projects. After having animated Time X from 1979 to 1987, they intended to resume the program on C8, with the help of TPMP.

Indeed, Cyril Hanouna was not satisfied with a song about the two brothers. After making a song about their physique (and especially their chin) in 2015, the host thus established relations with the two scientists.

Controversial in the world of science, Igor and Grichka have left their mark on several generations of children. And C8 and TPMP were ready to relaunch the iconic show. The Parisian even slips that pilots of a new show already exist.

After 9 seasons of 30 then 60 minute episodes on TF1, C8 had revised the show’s ambitions downwards. The chain would indeed set up small 5-minute chronicles. The goal : “The major dates of scientific discovery”.

TPMP: Cyril Hanouna had big projects with the Bogdanoff brothers?
TPMP: Cyril Hanouna had big projects with the Bogdanoff brothers?

TPMP: Cyril Hanouna collapsed

A great sadness, therefore, for Cyril Hanouna. Because the host could not relaunch the careers of his friends. He gave back a nice tribute to Grichka Bodganoff when the show returns. And expressed the state of his morale, at the lowest: ” I am devasted “.

Damien Nougarede, the agent of the two brothers, thus tells “his” Bogdanoff. The TPMP project thus put balm in the hearts of the twins. ” There is something iconic about the Bogdanoffs« , insists the agent. Something that will be remembered.

« They wrote all the time and slept little, he still remembers. Staying them, staying awake, was being able to make their dreams come true. “ Their dreams must therefore have come to an abrupt end on December 28. All because of the complications of covid.

For the last time, the two brothers still had the chance to get on a spaceship. The Parisian adds that the decor of the chronicles in TPMP would have paid homage to the twins’ desires for space.

A real sadness, then. “Among their 1001 projects, it was the one that was most important to them”, Damien Nougarede thus ends. But these projects will not succeed. No more than the envy of the two brothersopen an internet video channel.

They would also have liked create new content for children. But the covid, for lack of vaccine, got the better of Grichka Bogdanoff. Hoping that Igor, still in intensive care, manages to get out of it. To be able to honor the memory of his brother.


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