TPMP: Cyril Hanouna compliments Kelly Vedovelli and shocks the fans!

Yesterday, Cyril Hanouna hosted a new issue of TPMP! In an excerpt, the presenter was full of praise when referring to Kelly Vedovelli…

This Wednesday, November 23, 2022, Cyril Hanouna was in charge of TPMP. In a sequence, Kelly Vedovelli has also received countless compliments from him… A sequence that has caused a strong reaction on the Web. MCE TV reveals everything to you.

TPMP: Cyril Hanouna is on all fronts

For several seasons, Cyril Hanouna makes the C8 channel happy ! With his successful shows, the PAF star has also knew how to forge his reputation.

An outstanding producer, Emilie’s ex-companion multiplies projects for the delight of his fans. With his columnists, he loves to dissect the news!

Facing the camera, the debates also have the merit of constantly unleashing passions. In the show Face Baba, Cyril Hanouna likes to welcome politicians.

On weekends, it’s TPMP People that works every time. So Saturday is Matthieu Delormeau who takes up the torch.

With his team, Ayem Nour’s sidekick loves to honor the stars. In any case, Cyril Hanouna is hardworking and ambitious!

However, the host also tries to slow down. As soon as he is off, he loves having a good time with his children: Lino and Bianca.

On a daily basis, the duo amazes him at all levels. In any case, his younger brother wants to follow in his footsteps!

« He comes very often [dans C’est que du kiff, NDLR] and then in the pub, he takes the microphone, he does little shows. In any event, he wants to become an animator i think. For now, that’s what he wants to do, he’s all in, but he’s good.” has also made known Cyril Hanouna for AirZen Radio.

But also : ” He is very funny, I feel that he has the trick (…). He comes out of the valves that at his age, I would not have left. He wins everyone over, he’s funnybut he is very nice. »

Kelly Vedovelli turns the head of the famous presenter

This Wednesday, November 23, 2022, Cyril Hanouna therefore took pleasure in finding his viewers in TPMP. The day before, he had been conspicuous by his absence. The reason ?

Arthur’s sworn enemy wanted to spend a special moment with his son! They watched together France match against Australia.

As usual, the main interested party was in top form. The opportunity for him to evoke the “Late Show” by Alain Chabat.

As a reminder, the program is inspired by that of Jimmy Fallon who is a hit in the United States. At the latest news, the show is struggling to find its audience.

“Me, my compasses, the ones I follow each time to know if it’s going to work or not, there are two here who know the public… Two here who know what people want and who look like me, that’s Kelly who is not here tonight and Raymond« thus analyzed Cyril Hanouna.

On the Web, many Internet users reacted to his remarks: “But Kelly watches the Angels of reality TV, “Ah because Raymond and Kelly, it’s all the viewers, Hanouna?! », « Since when Kelly is a benchmark of good taste? “. Ambiance….

Not sure that the mistress of Roro appreciates the tackles towards him! As they say, silence is sometimes the best answer…


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