TPMP: Bernard Montiel’s sexist remarks annoy Gilles Verdez!

Once again, a huge clash broke out in TPMP. And for good reason, Gilles Verdez did not support the sexist remarks of Bernard Montiel.

Nothing is going well between Bernard Montiel and Gilles Verdez. And for good reason, a huge clash broke out between the two columnists on the set of TPMP. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

TPMP columnists can get carried away

Needless to say, TPMP shows never go as planned. In effect, the tone can very quickly rise on the set and the flagship team of C8 often has to deal with clashes. In short, impossible to get bored in front of the program.

Moreover, the columnists of TPMP are not there for nothing. And for good reason, the latter really do not have their tongue in their pocket. When they think something, they say it. Thus, their enemies have better watch out. Ouch!

Indeed, Benjamin Castaldi paid the price for the anger of Jean-Michel Maire. Very upset against the latter, he did not hesitate to clash with the columnist. And again, he did not go with dead hands. Enough to raise the pressure.

But sometimes, certain disputes take a lot of momentum on the set of TPMP. Moreover, after a small clash, Bernard Montiel and Benjamin Castaldi even decided to compete in a big water fight.

Monday evening, it was Gilles Verdez’s turn to lose patience on the TPMP set. Face to the sexist remarks of his colleague Bernard Montiel, the latter got carried away. MCE TV tells you more!

Gilles Verdez wins against Bernard Montiel

It’s no secret, Gilles Verdez is not afraid to be heard. Indeed, the famous columnist of TPMP has a habit of going ahead of the clashes. He doesn’t hesitate to get carried away and never forgets to say what he thinks.

Moreover, this Monday, Gilles Verdez once again found himself in a huge clash. As the TPMP team debated the differences there are between bonuses given to men’s and women’s football teamsGilles Verdez and Bernard Montiel did not seem on the same wavelength.

The latter were based on the figures relating to Euro 2020. Indeed, the Italian players benefited from a bonus of 28.5 million euros. This sum is fourteen times greater than the sum which will be given to female players. Moreover, Gilles Verdez was the first to show his surprise. He then seems scandalized by these figures.

For his part Bernard Montiel does not share his point of view. He then challenged his colleague: Do you understand that we cannot achieve equal pay? » Gilles Verdez therefore got carried away and immediately wanted to put the ex-host of TF1 in his place.

Indeed, he said: “You, you talk about things, you didn’t even study the file. You come with your little sign, you say three bullshit, and you hope it passes. And it’s been going on for 30 years. Stop this imposture Cyril Hanouna! »

One thing is certain, the columnists of TPMP have not finished getting noticed. But who will be next? To be continued.


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