TPMP: Bernard Montiel in Saint-Tropez for a very good cause!

On Instagram, Bernard Montiel appeared in Saint-Tropez in very good company. The TPMP columnist was there for a good cause.

A few days ago, Bernard Montiel was near Saint-Tropez. The TPMP columnist was not there just to rest and enjoy happy days. In effect, he was also there for a beautiful and noble cause.

A columnist who never stops helping

But is it surprising to learn that the columnist and host has worked for a good cause? Not really. When you know how much he can invest in projects that are dear to him, and which aim to help people in need.

Moreover, the TPMP columnist does not only help human beings. Animals also have a very important place in his heart. This is why, when summer comes, Bernard Montiel don’t hesitate to step up and give a rant.

A rant against all the people who abandon their hairballs. Because they don’t have “the time” to take care of it or find someone to do it… Faced with this increasingly alarming situation, Kelly Vedovelli’s friend was out of his hinges.

“We should put these signs on the roads. We the #ChampionsduMonde of animal abandonment!!! @la_spa saturated, @fondationbrigittebardot. But also @animalstv @mediawan.officiel @30millionsdamis”.

He wrote in the caption of an Instagram post. In which we could see a road sign. Panel on which it was written “not abandoned”. Unfortunately, it is not sure that we will find them on all the roads of the country soon…

But between two awareness posts, the TPMP columnist takes advantage of it also to enrich its culture. Or rather that of his fans. By posting content intended to learn something new. And this almost every day.

Bernard Montiel of TPMP, in Saint-Tropez for a good cause

Coming back to the human side of Bernard Montiel, we can also take the example of fires. Especially those who ravaged the Gironde. Pascal Obispo, Jeremy Frérot, or even Patrick Bruel spoke on this subject. And expressed their sadness.

But the TPMP columnist did not fail to express his pain either. Faced with this disaster for nature. ” What a disaster ! How sad ! Volunteers and residents deprived of their homes… and let’s save the animals ». He wrote on his account.

A few days ago it was in the most exclusive city in the south of France that was Bernard Montiel. And as we told you above… It wasn’t to enjoy the sun. Or parties on the yachts he was there.

No, if the TPMP columnist was therefore in the famous city of Saint-Tropez, it was for a good cause. To play petanque matches to help children affected by cancer.

« Petanque game on #PlaceDesLices. For the association @sourire_a_la_vie_asso support for children sick with Cancer! Many personalities gathered for the children…. @nicolettaofficiel @tex.officiel. But also @cyril_lignac @manukatche. Or even @caromargeridon @mory_sacko_ #Geneviève from the SUBE hotel (on the port) @zizeofficiel @loana_karesdanje… A meeting for sharing, generosity”. He said on his account.


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