TPMP: Benjamin Castaldi back in the program at the start of the school year?

Fans of columnist Benjamin Castaldi are wondering if he will be back in Touche pas à mon poste (TPMP) at the start of the school year!

In just a few days, Cyril Hanouna will make his big comeback on C8 with his whole gang. Indeed, Touche pas à mon poste (TPMP) returns for . Some wonder if Benjamin Castaldi will also return.

A new season of TPMP

Lately, Benjamin Castaldi (TPMP) has been living a lot of intense moments in his family. As a reminder, he became the father of a little boy named Gabriel in August 2020. This year, again, he welcomed another baby into his family.

As a reminder, her big boy, Julien, is also . Incredible news that did not fail to delight Benjamin Castaldi (TPMP). The latter is also taking advantage of the end of his vacation in Corsica.

As a reminder, Touche pas à mon poste will soon be making a comeback on C8. Good news for fans who are eagerly awaiting the return of the show. But some have questions.

Indeed, they are wondering which columnists will make their comeback for this 2022-2023 season. But that the community of Benjamin Castaldi is reassured. The latter will indeed be present in the issuance of Cyril Hanouna.

This year again, he should remain as as a columnist in TPMP. But also animator for TPMP! Open to everyone. He should also make a few appearances in the 6 to 7 just before the broadcast of the program.

On August 29, the darling of Aurore will therefore return with the band. For his part, Cyril Hanouna is really looking forward to finding his show, his fans, but also his columnists. In any case, this is what he confided.

Benjamin Castaldi back in Touche pas à mon poste

On social networks, the presenter of Touche not at my post (TPMP) revealed: “My darlings, I’ll meet you on Monday August 29 from 7:10 p.m. on C8 for a new season of TPMP, it’s going to be madness! ».

Cyril Hanouna also added: “I can’t wait to see you again. And we will always be live! ». For their part, Kelly Vedovelli and Benjamin Castaldi have shared this info on the Web.

Another columnist should also make a comeback in the new season of Touche pas à mon poste (TPMP). This is Geraldine Maillet. Despite her altercation with Cyril Hanouna, she will return to the program.

Some also hope that there will be no tension for this new season. In a statement, the channel also revealed: “Cyril Hanouna is preparing a crazy 11th return to TPMP! ».

Before adding that at the end of last season C8 had an audience of more than 2 million viewers. C8 also revealed that this year there will be more “news, debates, media news and of course lots of “darka”” but also “hot, hot, chocolate”.

The statement also explained: “Around Baba, find all your favorite columnists, but also newcomers that you will discover from August 29« .

It will therefore be necessary to show a little more patience before finding all the columnists of Touche not at my post (TPMP). One thing is for sure, fans can’t wait. Case to follow!


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