TPMP: a former columnist looks back on her departure “Not my place”!

In a recent interview for Sud Radio, a former TPMP columnist confided in her time on the show.

Many columnists have walked the set of TPMP. Unfortunately, some of them have bad memories of the show. A former columnist also let loose on her departure at the microphone of Sud Radio this Tuesday, June 28. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Sandrine Sarroche balances on her passage in TPMP

Nabila Vergara, Ayem Nour, Enora Malagré, Capucine Anav. The columnists follow one another on the set of TPMP. A role that unfortunately does not suit everyone.

In 2021, a famous comedian had thus joined the team of Cyril Hanouna before leaving the adventure as quickly as it had arrived.

In effect, Sandrine Sarroche did not last long with the troublemaker of C8. Interviewed this morning by Sud Radio, she then returned to her express passage on the show.

“I wanted to congratulate you on your great career in Touche pas à mon poste. What did we do? One or two weeks? »launched Gilles Ganzmann.

What did not fail to react the former columnist of TPMP. “I’ll tell you what happened. Initially I was told: ‘there will be a show every month with presidential candidates. »

“And then finally, everything was turned upside down, (Cyril Hanouna Editor’s note) rather made his Face à Baba. So I did not see the presidential program coming and I said to myself, I was out of step.

According to her, she would have been hired for a weekly column. But she would have quickly made the decision to abandon her post.

“We agreed with Cyril, it was not… As much as you are a comedian in a very serious show, there is still a contrast. There, there was no contrast. It was one thing among others and me, I couldn’t really find my place even if the team was very nice to me”said the ex-columnist of TPMP.

TPMP: a former columnist looks back on her departure
TPMP: a former columnist looks back on her departure “Not my place”!

Change of course for the comedian

“When I started to sing wow wow wow wow, I said to myself: ‘no, i have to stop“, then added Sandrinee Sarroche.

After TPMP, the young woman had the opportunity to embark on other projects. Columnist on Paris Première, the comedian will also perform on stage from December 1st. Indeed, this one should first invest the stage of the Folies Bergère before traveling through France for a tour.

She is not the only one to have made the decision to leave TPMP. Recently, Cyril Hanouna showed his disappointment about the departure of another columnist.

Since 2018, Jimmy Mohamed has been making the buzz on the show. Unfortunately, he will have chosen to follow another path.

“With the Covid, I decided to take a little distance from current affairs debates”he wrote on Twitter before adding that he would be “always there to talk about medicine”.

Sad news for the host of TPMP who declared at the microphone of Europe 1: “It’s really a love of a guy. He knows that I love him and that there is always room for him. »

“He really wants to refocus on medicine for now, and I completely understand that. But if there are other subjects, he may come to see us next year. “Fingers crossed!


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