Top Chef: which candidate left the show on Wednesday May 11, 2022?

Which candidate from the Top Chef show left the adventure this Wednesday, May 11, 2022? We give you more details!

End clap for a Top Chef candidate. who left the adventure this Wednesday, May 11? MCE TV tells you everything!

Who left Top Chef?

The 13th season of the famous cooking show continues on M6. Viewers attended this Wednesday May 11 to a new stage of the Top Chef adventure.

This episode was also marked by the presentation bold and flavorful dishes. But not all participants were able to join the Top 5 candidates of Top Chef. One of them was indeed forced to return his apron and his knives.

After many weeks of proving himself in the kitchen, it’s Lilian Douchet who was eliminated after an astonishing test during which the candidates outdid themselves. But Paul Pairet’s colt could not match his comrades.

It must be said that this week’s event was not the easiest. It has also highlighted the talent of some candidates. Which did not fail to surprise the chefs present and the viewers!

This Wednesday’s show took place in 2 stages. A first, during which the candidates had to impress chef Rasmus Munk. Then a second where they aimed to seduce chef Dominique Crenn with seafood.

Si Lilian Douchet a su present high quality dishes, some errors still cost him his place in the adventure. So that’s how his adventure ends.

Mistakes and crushes

This new stage of the Top Chef show set the bar high for candidates in the M6 ​​program. First, their mission was to present a gourmet dish that defends a cause.

Chef Rasmus Munk being a very committed person, he wanted to challenge the talents of Top Chef in this unusual test. Lilian Douchet then wanted to show its position against smoking.

You should know that the candidate of Top Chef made the start of pneumothorax at the age of just 17 years old because of his heavy consumption of cigarettes. But his recipe was no match for those of the other candidates.

Arnaud and Mickaël knew how to charm the chef. One with a plate who denounces intensive breeding. The other with a dessert that calls for blood donation.

The second stage of this Top Chef evening failed to save Lilian. The young 28-year-old chef wanted to pay homage to Brittany and Normandy and almost did a perfect job.

A small mistake in his recipe did not seduce chef Dominique Crenn. He will finish in the last chance trials against Sébastien.

But there again, Lilian Douchet could not face its competitor. This is how he left the adventure of Top Chef 2022. Paul Pairet for his part was very sad to see his foal leave the adventure. Internet users also expressed their sadness at the departure of the young chef.


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