Top Chef: Thomas Chisholm will soon be back in the kitchen after his injury!

After his stab wound, Thomas Chisholm puts on his apron. Thus, the former candidate of Top Chef take over the controls of Chocho.

This is news that should delight fans of Top Chef. Former candidate and leader Thomas Chisholm, will to be able to take over the reins of Chocho after his injury. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Top Chef and its star candidates

Since 2010, the Top Chef show has been highlighting new culinary prodigies. To the delight of fans who watch through their TVs.

Thus, each year, a candidate wins the coveted Top Chef prize. A sacred gateway for very beautiful projects.

For the 2022 season, it is therefore Louise Bourrat who won the trophy. But, it was not easy for the young woman.

Indeed, the candidate has a lot suffered in the final. It must be said, it was now or never to show what gift she was capable of.

One thing is certain, the young woman marked the history of Top Chef. But she is not not the only one to leave her mark there.

Indeed, during the broadcast of Top Chef 2022, the young chef Antoine Alleno passed away. A sudden death that left all the chefs speechless.

You have to believe that life hangs by a thread. That’s why you have to enjoy every moment. And it is not Thomas Chisholm who will say the opposite.

Indeed, the former candidate of Top Chef had an accident a few weeks ago. And this, during an altercation on the sidelines of the Taste of Paris festival.

But he is now, plumb and on his feet to take over the reins of his restaurant ChoCho. MCE TV tells you more!

Thomas Chisholm takes control of his restaurant

No one can say otherwise, Top Chef is a real springboard for young chefs budding. Moreover, it is not because a candidate does not win the show that he does not succeed.

The proof, there is one that is a hit on TikTok. Thus, it offers simple and gourmet recipes within everyone’s reach. Last April, he therefore proposed a perfect dessert for Easter.

But, there is another candidate who has decided to stay in a more traditional setting. This is the case, for example, of Season 12 contestant Thomas Chisholm from Top Chef.

While everything seemed to be going well for him, a few weeks ago, the young chef injured his thigh on the sidelines of the Taste of Paris festival. Which prompted him to stop cooking for a while.

But, good news for the former candidate of Top Chef, he will be able to take over the reins of his restaurant ChoCho in Paris. A return eagerly awaited by his fans and all foodies.

One thing is certain, the youngster was only waiting for one thing. Finally being able to put your apron back on and find his stoves. Good news that he hastened to share with his subscribers.

On Instagram, the chef then shared a photo of himself with crutches and a smile on his face. “I want to thank you all for your messages and your support! I wake up even more passionate and motivated than ever! I look forward to being able to welcome you again to @chocho_paris and to celebrate my return with you!! “, he wrote in the caption.


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