Tomorrow is ours: the Moreno want to change their lives!

The Moreno’s just became millionaires in Tomorrow belongs to us. And they are looking for a villa to settle there.

The Moreno have just won the jackpot! They then become millionaires in Tomorrow belongs to us. As a result, the little family wants to change their life. So they decide to visit luxury villas to find the perfect property!

The Moreno are millionaires

Basically, this very modest family struggled to make ends meet. But everything changed a few days ago. On weekends in Deauville, Christelle and Sylvain go to the casino. They decide to have fun and bet 5 euros on a game.

And suddenly the machine is racing makes a siren noise and flashes! They are the big winners of the casino! After that, hostesses arrive to bring them champagne. They don’t realize at all what just happened in Tomorrow is ours.

Especially that the couple has just won 9 million euros! And it’s not nothing ! Enough to change their whole life. Starting from their little house. They even become the “stars” of the corner even if they wish to remain anonymous.

The couple participate to a radio program to react to this gain. But Christelle and Sylvain are careful in Tomorrow belongs to us. They do not especially want others to know that they have just become millionaires!

But their first wish is to change house. Charlie is okay with that. Everything is pretty tight here. Christelle is fed up, the flush makes noise and everything is quite uncomfortable. She therefore wishes to visit luxury homes!

Tomorrow is ours: the Moreno want to change their lives!
Tomorrow is ours: the Moreno want to change their lives!

Tomorrow belongs to us: the visit of the villas

But the Moreno are not used to luxury. They don’t really know what to do or how to dress. There is no question of passing for rednecks. Charlie can’t come but Christelle and Sylvain start to visit houses.

But nothing finds favor in their eyes. The real estate agent is even starting to get bored in Tomorrow is ours. At after 6 visits he is on the verge of giving up. But the couple announces that their budget is 9 million euros.

At this point, the agent decides to show them a VIP item. And the latter is amazing. It has everything the couple ever dreamed of. The real estate agent tell them not to delay because it is an exceptional property. The Morenos decide to make an offer for the price.

But not everything is going to go as planned in Tomorrow is ours. Indeed, at home, they decide to show photos of the villa to Charlie. But the latter recognizes the house well, she had visited it with her father.

She tells them the bad news: this good is on the market for a long time because it is in a flood zone. The Moreno have therefore just been fooled. How are they going to get out of this situation? Will they be able to come back to the offer?

We will have to follow the next episodes to find out more. But it is not always easy to become a millionaire suddenly! Some people might well abuse their kindness. Case to follow.


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