Tomorrow is ours: Noor and Gabriel are still playing a fake couple!

Fans of “Tomorrow belongs to us will be delighted! Indeed, Noor and Gabriel will again play a false couple due to a gas leak …

The twists and turns are never lacking in “Tomorrow belongs to us”. As “Télé Star” supports it, Noor and Gabriel are going to make their own again. The duo will once again play a fake couple to save appearances … And Judith’s sidekick will love to do it! MCE TV shows you everything.

Tomorrow belongs to us: Anna is at its worst

Love stories always end badly in general … It is not Anna, essential character of “Tomorrow belongs to us” who will say the opposite.

A few days ago, the sister of Chloe has also made her comeback in Sète to the delight of Karim. But one thing leading to another, the policeman quickly became disillusioned.

During a discussion, he was shocked to learn that the young woman did not wanted no children at the moment. The psychologist prefers to devote herself mainly to her career.

Afterwards, Nina’s dad fell in love with him when he discovered his affair with a photographer named Jim. Shocked, Karim then preferred to end their story.

But recently in “Tomorrow belongs to us”, the handsome brunette has also learned via his colleagues that the companion of his rival had mysteriously disappeared. According to the neighbors, a violent argument would have broken out between the lovebirds.

To make matters worse, Anna will be on the list of prime suspects. Indeed, a hair of the pretty blonde has been found in Marjorie’s car.

For his part, Martin does not understand that Karim hid her ex’s affair with Jim. In the turmoil, the latter will do everything to exonerate Judith’s aunt …

Are Noor and Gabriel going to end up together?

Other couples could implode in the next episodes of “Tomorrow is ours”. TO like Chloé and Xavier …

Hidden from view, Céleste’s mother maintains an affair with her ex Alex. Unfortunately, Raphaëlle quickly understood what was going on between them.

It remains to be seen whether the lawyer will keep this secret for her … For her part, Camille and Maud’s mother sometimes seems to regret her breakup with Xavier.

There is therefore a good chance that she will unpack this crispy info to the prosecutor. Other equally thrilling intrigues are to be followed in the saga.

And one of them concerns Noor and Gabriel. A few weeks ago, the duo moved in together. To win over the owner of their home, the two friends pretended to be a couple.

And the combination worked brilliantly! Unfortunately, cohabitation is not always easy.

Gabriel is very tidy while Noor lives from day to day! But for Charlie, there is eel under the rock. For her, Noor and Gabriel will eventually succumb to temptation …

In “Tomorrow belongs to us”, anything is possible. Coming soon in the show, they’re gonna have to do facing a neighbor’s gas leak. Faced with their real estate agent, Noor and Gabriel are going to lie again about their romantic situation. And strangely, the young woman will this time get caught up in the game … To be continued!


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