Tomorrow is ours: Marjorie has Anna’s wick in her car!

The culprit of the murder of Marjorie in Tomorrow belongs to us seems quite designated … Anna risks ending up in prison soon!

The noose tightens around Anna! While the young woman assures us that she did not kill Marjorie, the evidence overwhelms her in Tomorrow belongs to us… We will have to find a defense, and quickly. MCETV explains everything about his terrible descent into hell!

A knife … and a lock of hair

Car Marjorie’s body cannot be found. But the police are starting to have a lot of evidence. And all converge on the same person: Anna. Even if the young woman claims her innocence, no one believes in her… or almost.

First concern for her, a knife full of blood. The police have just found him at home, cleaned in a hurry … And more serious still, they find the blood of Marjorie. Xavier Revel no longer has a choice: he must take her into custody.

Questioned by Martin and Aurore, Anna seems confused. Corn Aurore pushes her to her limits, and absolutely does not believe her. The case therefore seems to be badly embarked on Tomorrow belongs to us, everyone seems to believe her guilty.

Everybody ? Still not… Because in front of Raphaëlle and Anna, Martin understands the theory of the conspiracy in which would have fallen the young woman. But without proof, he absolutely cannot believe her. For her part, Aurore seems convinced of her guilt.

Positive at the start of the affair, Raphaëlle feels that her work as a lawyer may be much more complicated provided that. On top of that, Karim no longer has the right to approach the case. He was in fact listening to the questioning in Tomorrow belongs to us …

But by getting angry to try to defend Anna, he burned his joker: he gets put back in place. And Martin asks him not to get too involved. Things get complicated, but they risk becoming quite simply unlivable for Anna.

Tomorrow is ours: a plot against Anna?

Xavier Revel no longer has a choice. He cannot allow his compassion for Anna to pass before his duty of justice: he therefore decides to have her imprisoned. In tears in his cell, the young woman continues to ensure that she has done nothing. Tears rise to her eyes.

During this time, the police continue their investigation and search his car. They find there a lock of hair of a different color from hers. After analysis, the investigation switches to Tomorrow belongs to us: Anna is necessarily guilty.

The lock of hair belongs to Marjorie. So the police begin to imagine that Anna stabbed her and then transported her. to go and bury him on the edge of Sète… Unless she transported it before committing her crime.

In all cases, evidence accumulates in the file against Anna. A little too easily, moreover … The young woman will therefore try to fight, and to prove that it is only a conspiracy in Tomorrow belongs to us.

But who could blame her and Marjorie enough to kill one and have the other accused? The mystery remains … But we will have to conduct a very rapid counter investigation to avoid long years in prison.


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